Play For Dream Launches World’s First Android-Based Spatial Computer.

Dubbed Play For Dream MR, the new virtual reality goggles are poised to usher in a new age of augmented reality technology. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in a whole new world of spatial entertainment, as Play For Dream Technology recently announced its market entry into the Asia-Pacific region with its new marketing headquarters in Singapore.

Founded in 2020, the Chinese firm is committed to bringing new digital entertainment experiences to users. 

To celebrate this milestone, they’ve unveiled the world’s first Android-based spatial computer, Play for Dream MR. This mixed reality (MR) headset is set to redefine the standards of spatial entertainment with its groundbreaking features.

a new era of entertainment.

The Play for Dream MR is equipped with 8K micro-OLED screens and an ultra-light resin Pancake optical solution, delivering 27 million pixels at 3882 PPI, with 45 PPD at the centre. 

Powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 platform, it ensures high performance for smooth, realistic MR experiences. Its camera and sensor array, including 11 high-performance cameras, 7 types of sensors, and 22 infrared LEDs, provide precise and efficient tracking with a VST latency as low as 14ms.

If that all sounds very complex, essentially it means you do not experience lag when wearing the goggles. I had a chance to try out the goggles for myself, and was really impressed with how smooth the overall experience was. I could even catch a tennis ball with ease while donning the goggles. Impressive.

Play For Dream has also teamed up with industry leaders like IMAX, DTS, Qualcomm, Unity China, BOE, and Sogou Input. 

“Delivering exceptional experiences, we bring a new dimension of spatial entertainment to users in the Asia Pacific region,” said Huang Feng, Founder and CEO of Play for Dream Technology. “Singapore is one of the most innovative cities in the world and a preferred hub for many cutting-edge technology companies. We hope to embark on our global expansion from here and influence the Asia Pacific region over time.”

At the global launch, Xin Zhou, Vice President of Business Affairs & Operations at IMAX China, expressed excitement about the partnership. “We are thrilled to embark on this strategic worldwide partnership with Play For Dream Technology, bringing iconic IMAX experiences to the MR field. We look forward to seeing this product on the market soon as the world’s first Android-based spatial computing and MR device certified by IMAX Enhanced.”

Christopher Lang, Vice President and General Manager for Greater China at Xperi, added, “Play For Dream MR will feature DTS:X Ultra, offering an ultra-realistic immersive 3D listening experience. This truly brings all content to life, whether it’s games, movies, or music.”

immersive experiences.

Play for Dream MR offers an IMAX-level audiovisual feast anytime, anywhere; it features exclusive DTS spatial sound effects.

With responsive control feedback and synchronised video and audio, Play for Dream MR offers a truly immersive gaming experience.

It features precise eye and hand tracking, along with self-developed 6DoF halo-free controllers, compatible with MR games, VR games, and 2D large-screen games.

Equipped with dual 32MP ultra-high-definition 3D cameras, Play for Dream MR captures the world in astonishing 3D detail.

It excels in capturing immersive 3D videos and offers AI-powered panoramic picture completion for breathtaking 3D panoramic photo shooting.

For the workaholics, you can also enhance your workflow with seamless multi-screen capabilities. Play for Dream MR changes office productivity with its spatial multiscreen functionality, allowing efficient multitasking beyond traditional PCs.

the design.

The Play for Dream MR features a sleek and futuristic aesthetic, measuring just 33mm thin. 

Its curved battery design maximises space, ensuring a balanced and pressure-free fit. The device’s high-pressure moulded curved optical panel boasts an impressive light transmittance rate of 95%, giving you precise and efficient tracking capabilities.

Crafted using environmentally friendly materials, the controllers look and feel great to hold. 

In the flesh, the device feels great. The gentleman in the image above isn’t me (I couldn’t shoot pictures of myself), but I could comfortably wear it and walk around the test room, engaging in various features like movie viewing or having fun in a gaming session without feeling much fatigue.

Dream OS, the operating system for Play for Dream MR, integrates spatial computing with AI, enabling advanced head tracking, hand tracking, controller tracking, and eye tracking technologies.

With over 300 ecosystem applications already available, Play for Dream will continue to expand its content ecosystem by collaborating with nearly 100 content providers worldwide.

Play For Dream MR will be available in Singapore and Malaysia in October 2024, followed by launches in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Japan in 2025. Stay tuned for the official launch date and retail price announcement in October.

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