10 Green Spots To Go Stargazing In Singapore.

With the total solar eclipse coming up on 20 April, we’re all looking forward to a stargazing in Singapore. Check out these 10 spots with clear skies and unobstructed views!

Stargazing in Singapore might seem difficult with all the lights that keep our island safe. However, it’s not impossible. There are areas in Singapore where the street lamps don’t shine so bright, and where there’s enough space to lay out a mat, enjoy nature, and look up at the stars!

So whether you’re going out on a romantic date, or excited for a lunar eclipse, we’re here to help you out. Check out these 10 green spots in Singapore to go stargazing! 

1. Changi Beach Park.

One of the oldest beaches in Singapore, Changi Beach Park is a hotspot for anything astronomical! From eclipses to stargazing, Changi Beach’s quiet, serene atmosphere and mellow crowds (if any!) make for the perfect spot to unwind and stargaze.  

Plus, there’s more than just the beach to look forward to! Popular spots like Changi Bay Park Connector and Changi Boardwalk in the area make for picturesque views. Between lalang grasses and pavilions in the former and rustic, kampong vibes in the latter, Changi Beach Park’s fresh air and waterfront views create the perfect setup for stargazing. 

2. Yishun Dam & Rower’s Bay Park.

Known as a romantic date spot and gorgeous views, Yishun Dam is an urban oasis. Despite being surrounded by roads, the area can be hard to reach, and thus gives off secluded feels. Perfect for anyone looking to enjoy memorable, quiet, heart-to-heart talks! 

This nature getaway is also right next to Rower’s Bay, a little-known park decked in vines, trees and incredible waterside views from Yishun Dam. The park also has amenities such as shelters, vending machines, and even a do-it-yourself bicycle repair station. The entire area also forms the Round Island Route too, which makes it more accessible than you think!

From gorgeous sunsets to clear skies above a reservoir for stargazing, Yishun Dam’s views are underrated and unparalleled.

3. Upper Seletar Reservoir.

For peace of mind, the tranquillity of Upper Seletar Reservoir is undefeated. Look out into serene, calm waters amidst nature, sit on a park bench and spend some time with your loved ones, take a picture with the famous lone Casuarina tree, then wind down for some stargazing! 

4. Fort Canning Park.

Need somewhere that’s accessible to everyone instead? Fort Canning Park is the spot to head to! Right in the middle of town, this hilltop Park is home to colonial-era relics and loads of Singaporean history, giving it a unique and rustic charm. Head to one of the park’s many lawns and open areas for a quiet night of stargazing!

5. Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens needs no introduction, but at night, the place lights up just enough for you to explore its beautiful scenery while still being able to look up at the night sky and watch the stars! With a few dark spots and an open field near Swan Lake, Singapore Botanic Gardens’ lush greenery and fresh air makes it the perfect, romantic spot for stargazing. 

6. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

With almost 360 degrees of open sky, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park’s views are unparalleled. Once the busyness of the day disappears and night falls, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park gets almost pitch-black, creating some of the best conditions to look up at the stars! Plus, there’s a McDonald’s nearby, so if you get hungry, there’s always somewhere to stop by 😉

7. Labrador Nature Reserve.

If you’re doing an evening hike or trek along the Southern Ridges in Singapore, consider ending your trip at Labrador Nature Reserve! The only place on mainland Singapore with a rocky sea cliff, Labrador Nature Reserve’s waterfront views provide the perfect atmosphere to look up at the stars and enjoy the night sky. 

8. Punggol Waterway Park.

Singapore’s Coney Island might not need an introduction – but did you know that right next to it is the gorgeous Punggol Waterway Park? Known for its beautiful green spaces, Punggol Waterway Park’s home to picturesque waterfront views and bridges. At night, the sky gets a lot darker than the surrounding areas, making it the perfect place in the east to watch the stars. Not to mention the benches, pavilions and open spaces all around! 

9. BONUS: Science Centre Singapore.

Image by SCOB – Science Centre OBservatory on Facebook.

While not a green spot, this list wouldn’t be complete without Science Centre Singapore! Every 1st, 4th and 5th Friday of the month (unless otherwise stated), Science Centre Singapore holds stargazing sessions where you can use telescopes to view the beautiful celestial bodies up close, and learn more about space with the Digital Planetarium Show in the Omni Theatre. 

10. BONUS: Woodlands Galaxy Community Club.

Image by The Galaxy CC Observatory on Facebook.

A unique feature at the centre of Singapore’s heartlands is the Woodlands Galaxy Community Club observatory! Run by a group of astronomy enthusiasts, Woodlands Galaxy CC’s observatory is made up of a compound that houses a telescope and a rooftop with an open area to enjoy the night sky. Head over to watch stars and celestial phenomena up close – some that may not even be observable to the naked eye! Tickets only go for $1 at onePA online. 

The best part? That’s not even the end of the list! East Coast Park and West Coast Park are some of the more popular green spaces to consider (although they can get a bit crowded). Not to mention Marina Barrage! So whether you’re planning to watch the stars, catch a lunar eclipse or just enjoy a loved one’s company under the night sky, there’s definitely somewhere in Singapore fro you to sit back, relax and stargaze. 

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