Sony Singapore Launches New Premium Care Program.

Sony users can now enjoy an extended warranty for headphones, cameras, and lenses starting from just SGD$49 with the new Premium Care Program.

Have you ever wished for a little extra peace of mind with your Sony gadgets? Well, Sony Singapore has just rolled out the Premium Care program.

Designed to enrich your Sony experience, this program is like a safety net for your cherished devices, ensuring they stay in tip-top shape long after you’ve unboxed them.

Starting at just $49 for headphones and $199 for cameras and lenses, Sony’s Premium Care is a package crafted for owners.

here’s what’s on offer:

  • Extended Warranty: Imagine enjoying your favourite Sony gadgets with an extended 12-month warranty on top of the standard 15-month coverage. That rounds up to a reassuring 27 months of protection against the unexpected.
  • Specialised Servicing: For cameras and lenses, not only do you get a one-time comprehensive cleaning and maintenance check, but you can also use sensor cleaning services twice within the warranty period. And if you ever need a part replaced that’s not covered by warranty, you’re entitled to a sweet 20% discount on servicing parts.

Melvin Pang, President of the Singapore Marketing Centre at Sony Electronics, shares his enthusiasm about the new initiative: “At Sony, our connection with our customers is at the heart of everything we do. The launch of Premium Care is a testament to our commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.”

how can you get on board?

Getting started with Premium Care is a breeze. You can opt for this service as a bundled package when you buy your new Sony gadget at any Sony store.

Prefer to think it over? No problem! You have the flexibility to add Premium Care to your purchase within 30 days of acquiring your new Sony product. Just make sure your product is eligible, and you’re all set.


  • Be a My Sony Rewards Member.
  • Register the warranty for the product under My Sony Rewards program within 14 days of the purchase of the main unit.

For more information, please visit Sony’s website.

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