Amplify Your Esports Prowess With Zowie Gaming Peripherals.

Step into the next level with Zowie and their latest gaming products.

Ready to take your gaming to stratospheric heights?

Zowie’s got your back, with its latest arsenal of gadgets: the U2 gaming mouse and the next generation of X-series gaming monitors (XL2546X and XL2586X).

Whether you’re diving into a casual gaming session or gearing up for professional esports, Zowie’s new lineup is crafted to transform your gaming experience.

X-Series gaming monitors.

Since their first appearance in 2010, Zowie’s XL Series monitors have set benchmarks in the gaming world, constantly evolving to offer sharper visuals and smarter software controls.

Crafted with the adrenaline of FPS gaming in mind, the latest models (XL2546X and XL2586X) are equipped with innovative Fast-TN panel technology and DyAc 2, an enhancement over the previous DyAc+.

This upgrade incorporates dual backlight technology, optimising motion clarity, reducing motion blur significantly, and providing a gentler light output that eases eye adaptation.

We were generously offered a review unit to sample, and while the camera is unable to do justice to the quality of the visuals on-screen, the XL2546X offered crystal-clear clarity that keeps you locked in the action without the strain.

Moving subjects appeared with sharper outlines, enabling quicker reaction times – a must-have in fast-paced competitive gaming.

The new X-series monitors also bring an exciting XL feature; auto-game mode allows you to automatically switch colour modes depending on the content displayed, simplifying your setup process and letting you jump straight into the game.

Ergonomics isn’t left out of the question too; the X-series introduces a smoother height adjustment mechanism, integrating industrial-grade bearings to help you find your perfect viewing angle with ease. It must be said that the monitor is pretty hefty, but once assembled, it ain’t going anywhere.

Discover more about these innovations by visiting the X Series official product pages – XL2546X and XL2586X.

U2 wireless gaming mouse.

The U2 gaming mouse features a left-side curved design which naturally fits the thumb, combined with a curved back that minimises the thumb angle, allowing for faster clicking action.

The right-side curve ensures the ring finger is ideally positioned to balance the force across your hand, promoting sustained agility.

The mouse doesn’t have any pronounced rubber grips either. Might seem counter-intuitive to some, but this means you won’t get flaky rubber bits after prolonged usage.

Under the hood, the U2 is powered by 3,395 sensors enhanced with a superior receiver, ensuring stable peak efficiency, and a strong signal with minimal interference.

The receiver also acts as a docking station to charge your U2, so you don’t have to mess around with any charging cables.

Plus, with its lightweight construction (60g), long gaming sessions are no problem. Flick your opponents away!

Don’t worry if you abuse your mice too; Zowie has included a replacement set of skates, so you can extend the life of your U2.

For a deeper dive into what makes the U2 stand out, visit the official U2 Gaming Mouse.

join the Zowie revolution.

Whether it’s the refined specs of the X-series monitor or the ergonomics of the U2 gaming mouse, Zowie’s latest offerings are here to redefine how you engage with your games. 

Elevate your gaming setup and ready yourself for victory today.

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