On The Charge – Scorpio Electric Gains Traction In Global EV Motorcycle Market.

Scorpio Electric X1

Scorpio Electric, Singapore’s pioneering electric motorcycle company, is primed to launch the hotly anticipated X1 soon, with bigger milestones on the horizon.

Scorpio Electric, Singapore’s pioneering electric motorcycle company, was incepted back in 2017. Founded as a subsidiary of EuroSports Global Limited, Scorpio Electric aimed to make its mark in the electric mobility space by specialising in high-performance electric motorcycles.

Scorpio Electric X1

In 2021, the company introduced its first model, the X1. As Scorpio Electric progressed, it faced turbulent challenges such as production delays during the pandemic. However, by 2023, the company had acquired BYD as an assembly partner for the X1, and was preparing to start production and global deliveries.

One significant milestone was the introduction of the X1 at prestigious platforms like the EICMA in Milan, where the model alongside other Infinity concepts was showcased.

game-changing EV motorcycle. 

The X1 features a sleek futuristic design with advanced EV technologies, with specs that appeal to both aesthetic sensibilities and performance enthusiasts.

Starting with its heart, the X1 sports a robust 72V powertrain that zips from 0 to 50 km/h in 3.8 seconds, reaching a top speed of 105 km/h.

Scorpio Electric X1
Scorpio Electric X1

Boasting a maximum power output of 10 kW, the bike is efficient too; a 5kWh proprietary battery pack ensures the X1 can cover up to 200 km on a single charge (at a steady pace of 40 km/h).

Rider-selectable regenerative braking profiles optimise energy use, and when you’re running low, a Type-2 charger can boost it back to 90% in just three hours.

Additionally, Scorpio Electric is developing a next-generation battery solution using semi-solid cells. Highlighted by Dr Muhammad Taureza, COO & Head Of Engineering of Scorpio Electric, this innovation aims to “boost range by 40-50% without adding bulk or weight.”

Other notable features of the X1 include a carbon fibre belt drive for durability and whisper-quiet operation, and a 7-inch TFT display, providing all essential information at a glance.

Safety is paramount, and here the X1 excels with premium Pirelli tyres and JJuan brakes, complemented by a Bosch two-channel ABS system. Night rides are no longer a concern, thanks to adaptive cornering lights which illuminate the path ahead.

Dr Reza added that Scorpio Electric prioritises safety enhancements amidst the evolving regulatory landscape, “Our approach includes adhering to existing regulations and actively participating in the development of any new safety standards.”

Then there’s the AI optimisation – a futuristic touch that tailors energy use to your riding habits, ensuring optimal performance and extending the life of the battery.

Scorpio Electric X1

Always connected, riders can use their smartphones as keys, monitor their bike’s status, track charging progress, and receive push notifications for updates and maintenance reminders. It’s like having a personal mechanic inside your dashboard.

establishing global presence.

Now, in 2024, Scorpio has set its sights on bigger global milestones. The company has recently appointed distributors in several countries, such as Japan, the Philippines, Portugal, and Spain; a move to broaden its global market presence.

Mr Joshua Goh, CEO of Scorpio Electric, mentioned that Scorpio is in the midst of obtaining European homologation and initiating mass production of the X1. “Scorpio Electric’s emphasis is on transitioning towards production and gearing up for commercial readiness throughout 2024. The company plans to unveil additional distributors in the near future.”

When asked about the significance of the partnership with BYD, Mr Goh added that “BYD’s contributions, including manufacturing and assembly supply chain of the X1, and the provision of battery technology for future models, have been instrumental in enhancing Scorpio Electric’s competitive edge, production efficiency, and innovation trajectory.”

Looking ahead, the company remains open to additional collaborations with BYD.

on the roads soon.

Scorpio Electric X1

Scorpio Electric is aiming for the first deliveries of the X1 to commence in Q4 2024.

With more models in the pipeline, the company continues to innovate and push the boundaries of electric motorcycle technology, aiming to inspire and lead in the creation of eco-friendly transportation solutions.

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