Bentley Environmental Foundation Joins Clean-Up Mission In Thailand.

Bentley Environmental Foundation has announced its support for an environmental initiative in Thailand, partnering with everwave.

Imagine the serene waters of Thailand’s major rivers, unfortunately marred by the persistent problem of plastic waste. Here’s where Bentley’s new initiative sweeps in, with a smart, refuse-collecting boat decked out with AI technology.

The boat is equipped with drones and cameras, powered by artificial intelligence to track, collect, and transport 20 tons of garbage each month from the Chao Phraya River.

This collected waste then finds new purpose through further processing by the folks at TerraCycle Global Foundation.

A groundbreaking educational scheme is also set to launch in Bangkok, focusing on the dire sustainability challenges plaguing the Chao Phraya River. Local students will dive into ‘learning by doing’ through active participation in canal clean-up efforts, particularly targeting the Phasi Charoen Canal.

This canal, a critical waterway feeding into the Gulf of Thailand, carries about 385 tons of waste into the sea annually.

Clemens Feigl, CEO of everwave, said: “Last year alone, we extracted 66,000 kilograms of garbage from these waters. With continued efforts, we envision a waste-free Chao Phraya in the next decade or two.”

The initiative extends back into the classroom where students will establish and manage a school recycling system, guided over a year by TerraCycle Global Foundation to deepen their understanding of the perils of plastic waste and the critical need to restore our oceans.

Wayne Bruce, Chief Communications and DEI Officer at Bentley Motors, shares his enthusiasm for the Bangkok initiative, “The Bangkok initiative is just the latest by the Bentley Environmental Foundation to support global sustainability projects, this time helping to clean-up a river that has become a ‘plastics highway’. Such initiatives are a key part of Bentley’s Beyond100 strategy to reduce our own environmental impact.”

“Through educational initiatives like the one in Bangkok, we aim to empower and inspire young minds with the knowledge and tools necessary to enact positive change in their communities and beyond.”

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