Coastal Sustainability Alliance Boosts Development and Adoption of Maritime Biofuel in Singapore.

The formalisation of an MOU between Coastal Sustainability Alliance members Ken Energy and Green COP at Singapore Maritime Week 2024 aims to enhance Biobutanol use in maritime operations.

Exciting times are upon us as the Coastal Sustainability Alliance (CSA has recently unveiled an ambitious venture into the realm of maritime biofuels. It’s a S$10 million leap towards a greener maritime horizon, announced with fanfare during Singapore Maritime Week 2024.

The CSA, with the help of its members Green COP and Ken Energy, is on a mission to turn this into reality by developing stable biofuel blends (B30, B40, and B50). 

Over the next two years, they will be busy certifying biofuels, conducting sea trials, and by 2026, kicking off commercial-scale production. They’ve already planted the seeds with an initial S$500,000 investment to establish a pilot plant for turning agri-waste into green gold.

Mr Tan Thai Yong, Managing Director, Strategic Projects and Technology, Kuok Maritime Group and Chairperson, puts it perfectly: “The formation of the biofuel ecosystem under the Coastal Sustainability Alliance underscores our resolve to forge partnerships that deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for maritime fleets transitioning to lower emissions.”

Diving deeper into the heart of this initiative, Ken Energy is set to strengthen the market and commercial use of Biobutanol. With a focus on operational feasibility and carbon emission reduction, they’re paving the way for these biofuels to power their customer fleet of bunker barges and other CSA members.

Desmond Chong, Managing Director of Ken Energy, champions the green transition, seeing it as a strategic move supported by their prowess in marine logistics and Green COP’s sustainable biofuel production capabilities.

Meanwhile, Green COP brings its A-game with a proprietary technology that efficiently converts plant-based biowaste into sustainable biofuels.

Dr Hanson Lee, CEO of Green COP, envisions a future where sustainable marine fuels and coastal electrification are the norm. “Our technology offers fleet owners a viable solution to achieve their net-zero targets progressively,” he notes, emphasising the supportive environment the CSA has fostered for innovation and growth.

The CSA’s journey doesn’t stop at biofuels. Following closely on the heels of their biofuel advancements, they marked a significant milestone with the Coastal Sustainability Alliance PXO Electric Fleet Signing & MOU Ceremony.

Here, the construction of the largest locally designed and built electric tug and supply boat was announced, set to debut in 2025. This vessel will complement the new biofuel options, highlighting a holistic approach to reducing the maritime industry’s carbon footprint.

Moreover, the CSA recently welcomed nine new members, expanding its ranks to include diverse sectors from finance to green energy and maritime services. This growing network underscores a collective commitment to propelling Singapore’s maritime decarbonisation efforts forward.

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