Sony releases new FE 16-25mm F2.8 G.

The new Sony FE 16-25mm F2.8 G balances the supreme expression capabilities of a wide-open F2.8 with a compact and lightweight design for excellent portability.

Sony has just expanded its stellar lineup with a new gem – the FE 16-25mm F2.8 G, designed for its full-frame E-mount series.

Imagine having the power to capture the grandeur of the night sky, the sprawling beauty of landscapes, or the intricate details of urban architecture, all through a lens that remains steadfastly wide with an F2.8 aperture across its entire zoom range from 16mm to 25mm. 

That’s what the new FE 16-25mm F2.8 G brings to the table. Weighing in at a mere 409 grams, this lens is as light as a feather, making it a perfect companion for the roamers and the roamers-at-heart.

Whether you’re out capturing the raw, pulsating life of the city or the quiet solitude of the trails, this lens won’t weigh you down.

Its compact size mirrors that of its sibling, the “FE 24-50mm F2.8 G,” and shares the same filter diameter and ease of operation – ideal for shooting handheld or when you’re operating a gimbal.

For those who venture into the dynamic world of video, the FE 16-25mm F2.8 G steps up as a formidable ally. Its autofocus is ninja-quiet and precision-personified, keeping your subjects sharp while tracking them smoothly across the frame.

And for the portrait artists among us, the beautiful bokeh effect this lens produces will make your subjects pop with cinematic elegance.

Worried about dust and splashes? Fear not. The FE 16-25mm F2.8 G comes armoured with dust and moisture resistance, topped with a fluorine coating to keep grime at bay. 

Set to hit the shelves in Singapore this May 2024, the lens will be available at select retail shops and online stores. Check out the quick links below.

Retail shopsOnline
Sony StoresSony Store online
Authorised dealersAuthorised dealers

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