Euphoria, Wonder & Chill. Magnum launches new range of enchanting flavours. 

Magnum has introduced its most indulgent, premium treats yet with its all-new Pleasure Express range.

Are you ready to embark on a journey that promises more than just a taste sensation but a voyage into delight?

Magnum, your trusted companion in ice cream indulgence, has rolled out the red carpet with its latest Pleasure Express range.

a trio of temptations.

First stop, Magnum Euphoria Pink Lemonade! A playdate for your palate.

Tangy lemon ice cream encasing a heart of refreshing raspberry sorbet, all robed in luscious white cracking chocolate sprinkled with popping candy. It’s like a carnival in every bite, uplifting your senses to a realm of sheer joy.

Next, we whisk you away to a place of luxury with Magnum Wonder Golden Toffee. Here, decadence is the order of the day.

Enveloped in velvety ice cream lies a core of date and toffee, hidden beneath a shell of rich golden caramel cracking chocolate, studded with crunchy caramelised almonds – a treasure hunt for your taste buds.

And for those nights when you wish to unwind, there’s Magnum Vegan Chill Blueberry Cookie.

Imagine easing into your evening with a blend of velvety biscuit and vanilla-flavoured ice cream, its heart a cool blueberry sorbet, all encased in sumptuous cracking vegan chocolate dotted with dark cookie pieces.

It’s the perfect companion for a relaxed night in, a sweet embrace to chill your senses.

dive into the Magnum Beyond Worlds experience.

From 26 April to 5 May 2024, step into the prestigious ION Art gallery, where the Pleasure Express awaits from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

Admission is free, and as you enter this realm of sensory delight, a personality test awaits to tailor your adventure, translating your mood and preferences into a bespoke QR code that unlocks a universe of immersive experiences. Upon boarding the Pleasure Express, prepare to be transported into an AI-crafted world, inspired uniquely by you.

With just a proof-of-purchase of any Magnum ice cream, you gain entry to a multi-sensory exhibition where AI artist Zixuan Nian’s creations bring the new Magnum flavours to life through a kaleidoscope of colours and sensations.

But the fun doesn’t stop at visual art! Dive into the Play for Pleasure VR Mobile Experience. Here, you can hunt for hidden Magnum sticks in a captivating game, with each discovery a chance to win exclusive vouchers.

Fancy a bit of creativity? Design personalised postcards to document your journey at designated stations throughout the gallery.

Ellen Yap, Ice Cream Country Lead of Unilever Singapore, shares the vision: “At Magnum, we believe every day should overflow with pleasure. We invite all Pleasure Seekers to join us on this exhilarating journey, to savour and explore endless possibilities and awaken their senses with our three new flavours.”

So, why wait? The Magnum Pleasure Express is ready to depart, and your ticket to a world where pleasure knows no bounds is just an ice cream away.

For more information about Magnum Ice Cream or Magnum Singapore, please visit this highlighted bit of text.

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