Audio House supports NEA’s climate voucher programme.

HDB homeowners can unlock triple the savings with stackable discounts and additional eCashback at Audio House from now till 30th April 2024.

Audio House has recently teamed up with the National Environment Agency’s Climate Friendly Households Programme (CFHP) to bring you an offer that’s as green as it gets. 

Starting 15 April 2024, you can march right into their showroom with your $300 Climate Vouchers in hand, ready to snag some top-tier energy-saving appliances.

triple the thrill, triple the savings.

Because good things come to those who shop, Audio House is also rolling out the red carpet with its Members’ Day, stretching from now until 24 April 2024. Here’s what’s on the shopping list:

  • $100 eCashback before you even start shopping.
  • 5% off storewide for every $1,000 spent.
  • 20% eCashback for every $100 you wave goodbye to.

If you redeem your full $300 voucher at their showroom, you’re looking at a whopping additional $600 eCashback, redeemable at $20 for every $100 spent on future treasures.

“We believe that every small step towards sustainability can make a big difference in preserving our environment for future generations.” quotes Mr Alvin Lee, Managing Director of Audio House.

“By offering additional savings to homeowners, we hope to not only help them save money but also inspire others to make greener choices.”

Curious about what’s in store? Planning your next eco-friendly upgrade? Swing by their showroom to unwrap the details of this green bonanza.

Venue: Audio House Showroom
Address: 23 Ubi Road 4, Singapore 408620
Opening Hours: 12.30 pm to 9 pm

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Sean Loo

Ignition Labs' resident editor loves all things retro, even though he was born in the late 90s. His main job encompasses tons of driving (and a massive carbon footprint), but he swears he turns off the lights each time he leaves his room.

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