AI-powered hair care: a hijabi’s journey to resolving hair loss with DrScalp.

With DrScalp’s technology, this is how AI has begun to power even haircare. 

While my commitment to my religious obligations has been a fulfilling one, I, a hijabi, have had to concede to one thing: caring for my hair beneath the hijab requires a little extra effort. Between the humidity and the long periods in which I don my headdress, things can get a little icky if I don’t care for my hair right (long story short: I don’t). Beyond the daily washes and dries before bed, there was something missing that made me scratch my head (ha!) from time to time. 

It turns out that both my fellow hijabi friends and I encounter unique challenges related to scalp health thanks to our headdress. Our prolonged and consistent use of the hijab can cause lack of proper ventilation and increased friction, contributing to increased oiliness, sweat accumulation, and potential hair breakage. 

So when DrScalp extended me a helping hand, I gladly took up their offer. 

Having been for hair care treatments before, I walked in thinking this would be a similar experience to my others. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was most definitely otherwise! 

Stepping into DrScalp, I was immediately taken by its futuristic, modern decor. Staying true to the “Doctor” theme, the place is decked with fittings and appliances that promise technology and science were behind my hair care treatments (and I couldn’t have been more right)! 

The first step to the treatment was an AI analysis of my scalp. I had to take off my hijab for this and was worried at first, but their private analysis room is quiet and cosy, away from other non-female staff and the crowds. So I felt at ease almost immediately. I was also assigned a female specialist so I could remove my scarf in peace. 

The futuristic decor stayed true here, with a large arm chair and screen – it almost felt like I was in a Totally Spies episode, and Jerry was about to pop up on my screen to give me my mission.

Scanning my scalp for problem areas, I learned that my hair was mostly healthy, short for two problem areas: oil clogs and a sensitive scalp, which can cause the itching I occasionally experience. 

The scan also generated a detailed, comprehensive review about my hair volume, hair density, and even hair root thinning rate. It was impressive, to say the least. I learned that DrScalp’s hair care solutions were built using complex algorithms and deep AI learning capabilities, which was why it was able to provide an accurate reading of my scalp’s health. 

Using the analytical data collected, the specialist was then able to recommend a personalised solution plan that was tailored to my individual scalp needs.  

Here’s a glimpse of the full report:

hijab hair care 1

Warning: scalp close-ups incoming!

hijab hair care 2

Above is a shot of my scalp before treatment. You don’t need to be a hair specialist to know that my hair follicles were definitely clogged!

getting to the root of the problem.

The best part perhaps of DrScalp’s treatments are their private rooms. All of DrScalp’s seats are sofas, compared to the usual padded chairs you might get at hair salons. They’re so comfy I could have fallen asleep during the head massage! 

hijab hair care 3

Plus, everything can be found in one place – so you don’t have to get up to get your hair washed, or walk around with a towel on your head. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the pampering.

The room being closed with curtains also means that you never have to worry about males walking past and catching you letting your hair down. 

Here’s a shot of the room before the curtains are drawn: 

hijab hair care 4

My scalp care started with a bacteria-eliminating handheld device. The crackles from the machine definitely startled me at first, but there was no discomfort and I eased into the process quite quickly, especially since the relaxing hair wash and head massage came next.  

The most memorable and unique aspect of the treatment however, was the use of ZynStem Bio-cells in my hair care treatment – something you’d not see in a regular hair spa or treatment. 

In its ongoing commitment to innovation, DrScalp has introduced ZynStem Bio-cells, which aims to rejuvenate and revitalise the scalp by harnessing the power of advanced biotechnology to stimulate hair growth, improve scalp health, and restore vitality to the hair follicles. 

To do this, ZynStem Bio-cells’ are created with a unique formulation enriched with bio-nano cells to penetrate deep into the scalp and deliver nourishing ingredients to the hair follicles. By targeting the root cause of hair loss and scalp issues, ZynStem Bio-Cells offer long-lasting results, providing individuals with thicker, fuller hair and a revitalised scalp.

The bio-nano cells were also introduced with a machine called the nanoJET, a way of delivering ZynStem’s potent bio nano cell formulation directly into the scalp, without the need for needles or invasive procedures. nanoJET’s innovative technology ensures precise and targeted delivery of ZynStem Bio-cells, maximising its effectiveness and minimising any discomfort.

And it was definitely a calming process! There was something calming about the way the nanoJET’s puffs of “air” felt on my scalp, making it a great way to end off the session. 

DrScalp: worth it for hijabis?

After the treatments, my scalp underwent another scan and I could definitely tell the difference. (Close-ups incoming!)

hijab hair care 5

The inflammation on my middle frontal had reduced by quite a bit, and I could see more of my hair pores. Overall, my scalp felt lighter and cleaner as well. 

hijab hair care 6

After comparing the before and after charts, I had to admit, there was a stark difference between the pre and post treatment scans with DrScalp. It’s also been a week since the treatment, and I still feel fresh!

So would I come back again? Absolutely. For a trial of just $88 (their limited time offer!) I’ve enjoyed much healthier hair since. I’ve also felt so much more comfortable in my hijab despite Singapore’s humidity and sunny weather. 

If you’re interested in experiencing DrScalp for yourself, all you have to do is register here and get that limited time offer!

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