Huawei partners with EV-Electric to support EV charging in Singapore.

This collaboration between EVe and Huawei Ultra-fast chargers is poised to make the charging time closer to that spent at petrol kiosks.

Huawei International and EV-Electric (EVe) Charging Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Singapore’s Land Transport Authority, have now joined forces to address Singapore’s expanding Electric Vehicle (EV) charging needs.

The two companies have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which outlines collaboration in key areas such as market insights, technological advancements, and proof-of-concept projects for EV chargers.

The partnership aims to enhance accessibility, efficiency, and innovation in Singapore’s EV charging infrastructure.

liquid-cooled ultra-fast chargers.

An example of an ultra-fast charger found in China

Huawei’s Fully Liquid-cooled Ultra-fast chargers, rated at 480kW, are set to revolutionise the EV charging experience in Singapore, offering speeds almost 10 times faster than conventional 50kW fast chargers.

This development can prove valuable for high mileage fleet vehicles like taxis, private-hire vehicles (PHVs), and light goods vehicles; vehicles that require quick turnaround times, making the process faster and more convenient.

Singapore is making significant strides in advancing its islandwide EV charging network, including expanding EV charging capabilities in HDB and other publicly accessible carparks, and deploying more high-powered fast chargers to meet the needs of high mileage users.

Mr Derek Tan, CEO of EVe, expressed excitement about Huawei’s technology, highlighting its potential to transform the charging experience for high-mileage users. 

“We are excited that Huawei will be bringing their latest and fastest EV charging technology to Singapore. At almost 10x the speed of conventional fast chargers, we can help users save even more time and at some point, hopefully bring the charging experience closer to that of petrol kiosks.”

Mr Maxi Wang, CEO of Huawei International, emphasised Huawei’s commitment to sustainable solutions and its eagerness to support Singapore’s EV population growth. 

“We are delighted to partner with EVe and proud to introduce our most advanced EV charging solutions to Singapore,” Mr Maxi Wang added. “Huawei is always dedicated to innovating sustainable solutions for our shared green future.”

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