Swiss chemical engineering giant Sulzer expands Singapore presence with multi-million dollar lab.

Swiss chemical engineering giant Sulzer has set up its newest Innovation Technology Hub (InTecH) in Singapore, marking its first R&D facility in Asia and second outside Switzerland for the 190-year-old multinational corporation.

This cutting-edge R&D facility will spearhead the development of advanced chemical engineering processes that are not only more precise but also more efficient, consuming less energy.

The innovations span from recycling challenging materials like polystyrene, EV batteries, and lubricant oils, to producing bio-based goods such as Polylactic Acid (PLA), a plastic derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane.

Previously, clients in Asia had to collaborate with Sulzer’s R&D facility in Switzerland for new chemical engineering processes.

However, with this new facility in Singapore, the process can now be expedited locally. Sulzer has invested over S$10 million in this facility and aims to expand its local team of 150 by an additional 20 to 30 staff over the next three years.

This move solidifies Sulzer’s position as a frontrunner in chemical engineering in the region, complementing its extensive 39-year history in Singapore supplying engineering components, polymer production equipment, and distillation equipment for industries such as oil & gas and power generation.

The R&D facility will also bolster Singapore’s aspirations to become a leading regional hub for developing new sustainability solutions under the SG Green Plan 2030.

Dr Suzanne Thoma, Sulzer’s Chief Executive Officer, expressed, “InTecH Chemical Processes Singapore is set to transform the Green Tech landscape in Southeast Asia. Our cutting-edge R&D facility provides unparalleled access to state-of-the-art technologies, empowering manufacturers and processors to innovate and produce eco-efficient, high-quality products. This inauguration marks a significant stride in shaping the future of sustainable technology in the region.”

Situated within Singapore’s advanced manufacturing Jurong Innovation District, JTC CleanTech Three, InTecH boasts state-of-the-art equipment, including a 9-storey fractional distillation tower — the tallest for a research facility in Asia.

Constructed over 10 months, the facility will help drive the growth of companies looking to make advancements in economically unviable recycling and higher-yield, bio-based production. The infrastructure is outfitted with a comprehensive suite of fluid separation facilities and analytical equipment.

It incorporates Sulzer’s proprietary technologies for thermal separation of chemical components, including liquid-liquid extraction and falling-film crystallization, integrated with advanced chemical analysis techniques to identify and measure compounds in products after processing. 

With these capabilities, Sulzer can provide end-to-end services to a broader client base in Asia, including those in the pharmaceutical and biofuel sectors.

Their offerings encompass the development and stress-testing of new cutting-edge solutions, chemical analysis and feasibility studies, as well as consultancy for the engineering and construction of a new processing plant.

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