kitchen bliss with the Sharp Bottom Freezer Fridge collection.

Sharp understands that the kitchen is a sacred place, and its latest innovation can help elevate the overall experience – the Bottom Freezer Fridge Collection. 

The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home, where culinary creativity and family bonds flourish. Sharp understands this well, and thus recently launched its latest innovation to elevate your kitchen experience – the Bottom Freezer Fridge Collection.

This cutting-edge series promises to revolutionise your kitchen routine, providing convenient access and superior organization for your groceries, ensuring your favourite foods are always at your fingertips.

two variations available at launch.

The Sharp Bottom Freezer Fridge collection offers two variations to suit different household needs. The SJ-FB32E-DS model boasts a net capacity of 315L, with a 218L refrigerator and a 97L freezer compartment.

For those requiring more space, the SJ-FB34E-DS model offers a generous 342L net capacity, with a 245L refrigerator and the same 97L freezer capacity.

These models are designed to seamlessly blend into any kitchen, featuring a sleek dark silver finish that complements various interior styles while adding a touch of elegance to your space.

advanced features.

Sharp’s Bottom Freezer Fridges are packed with advanced functionalities to support your culinary endeavours and ensure the freshness of your groceries. These include:

  • Multi-flow Air Distribution: This system ensures even cooling throughout the fridge, keeping your groceries at their best and extending their shelf life.
  • Super Freeze Function: With just a touch, you can rapidly freeze your groceries, preserving their flavours and freshness.
  • Dual Inverter Technology: Featuring an inverter fan and compressor, this allows independent cooling of the freezer and refrigerator compartments, ensuring efficient air circulation.
  • Smart Sensor System: This system adjusts the fridge’s operations to your needs, automatically setting the ideal temperature and defrost cycles for a personalized cooling experience.

practical design.

Convenience and accessibility are paramount in a good product. The strategic placement of the freezer at the bottom allows for more efficient air circulation, maintaining a consistent temperature with reduced energy consumption. Additionally, the freezer compartment features a pull-out drawer or basket for easy access to frozen items.

The fridge interiors are designed with user convenience in mind, featuring superior LED lighting, tempered glass shelves for safety and durability, and a flexible fresh converter compartment that allows you to adjust airflow and humidity levels according to your needs.


The Sharp Bottom Freezer Fridges (SJ-FB32E-DS and SJ-FB34E-DS) are priced at $1,127 and $1,347 respectively.

Available for purchase on Cocoro Life, Sharp’s official Shopee and Lazada stores, and through authorized retailers, including Lazada and Shopee.

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