sustainable and cool daily wear? Good Threads is making a different fashion statement.

Good Threads now has a fashion line that not only makes you look good, but also invites you to embark on a journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Imagine trousers crafted with the urban eco-warrior in mind, equipped with pockets designed specifically to stash away recyclables until you find their rightful home, or shorts that come with a built-in detachable reusable tote bag. 

Even a simple bucket hat that can transform into a bag, or shirt with compartments aplenty for your reusable cutlery and water bottle. 

Intrigued? These items are all part of Good Threads’ new fashion line of daily wear essentials. Tools for the eco-conscious, crafted by the skilled hands of local artisan Hakim Samat.

“Mindful actions like recycling and using fewer single-use plastics may inadvertently take a backseat sometimes, despite our best intentions. Good Threads sows the idea that daily consumption habits which are thoughtful of the planet can be effortless, and in this instance, even fashionable,” said Suzanne Ho, Senior Vice President, Brand & Communications, Mandai Wildlife Group. 

She added, “Fashion is much loved by many. It can therefore wield power to influence how we think about clothing and perhaps reconsider the need to consume wave after wave of clothes and fashion accessories.”

Each piece in this collection is meticulously crafted from pre-loved clothing and materials gathered with care from the heartlands of our little red dot.

1,158 pieces of forgotten fabric, given new life, stitched together not just with thread, but with purpose – a vision for a greener tomorrow.

And what’s fashion without a little community spirit? Good Threads originally sprouted from the seeds of the ‘Choose Good with Mandai’ campaign.

From munchies to multiplayer games, they’ve turned their gaze to garments, urging us to ponder – how can our sartorial selections support a more sustainable sphere?

Could your next fashion choice be a step towards a greener, more glorious world? That’s the power of good threads.

For more information on Good Threads and the Choose Good with Mandai campaign, please visit this link

Photo Credits: Mandai Wildlife Group

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