Casio celebrates 50th watch anniversary with commemorative timepiece.

Casio recently announced the release of a new watch to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Casio watches.

And they are re-creating the Casiotron QW02, the world’s first line of digital watches with automatic calendar functionality. This new TRN-50 will be a limited edition, with a total of 4,000 pieces worldwide.

Casio originally released the Casiotron in 1974, breaking ground with a digital wristwatch inspired by the insight that “watches simply add up seconds.”

The watch made the most of the original digital technologies Casio had developed in its calculator business, bringing the concept of a fully automatic wristwatch to life.

The Casiotron displayed time and the correct month, date, and day of the week — automatically adjusting for longer and shorter months with its automatic calendar function. 

Eliminating the hassle of correcting the calendar every month, the Casiotron was a true pioneer that went beyond what anyone expected of a digital wristwatch. 

The new TRN-50 stays true to the Casiotron concept of a fully automatic wristwatch, drawing on all the advancements of Casio watch development over the half-century since the original model came out.

While re-creating the Casiotron design, the new watch incorporates state-of-the-art features including radio-controlled time adjustment, solar charging, and Mobile Link functions for pairing with a smartphone.

The original watch exterior, including its size, is meticulously re-created in a design that meets present-day quality standards.

Many details, including the sophisticated textures of the case and band, the dark blue face, and the Casiotron logo, were faithfully reproduced.

The new watch also delivers practicality with a highly readable super-twisted nematic (STN) LCD and Tough Solar charging system.

In addition to receiving time calibration signals transmitted from six stations worldwide, the watch is equipped with Mobile Link functionality for pairing with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Special details befitting a limited-edition timepiece include the original case back design with engraved serial number and special packaging made from paper materials that achieve a low environmental impact. 

The Casio 50th Anniversary watch TRN-50-2ADR is priced at SGD$699 and will be available for pre-order from 28th February 2024 here.

For more information on CASIO’s 50th Anniversary, read it here.

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