BYD and NTUC LearningHub debuts new EV training centre.

The new facility is the first dedicated EV simulator centre in Singapore, training technicians in EV maintenance and servicing sectors.

BYD Singapore and NTUC LearningHub have recently launched the first-ever electric vehicle (EV) training centre.

Located within the tech-forward precincts of the NTUC LHUB Industry Skills Centre in Benoi, this initiative is set to improve the local automotive workforce with the essential know-how for future EV technologies.

Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, and Ministry of Transport, officiated the opening, marking a significant milestone in Singapore’s journey towards a greener future.

This state-of-the-art centre houses six EV simulators, an EV component training zone, and a demo BYD e6.

It’s here that automotive technicians and engineers get to dive into the intricate processes of EV maintenance and servicing. 

The centre also offers theory lessons, case studies, and group exercises, ensuring that learners get a well-rounded skillset that mirrors real-world scenarios.

With plans to welcome around 500 students each year, NTUC LHUB is gearing up to meet the burgeoning demand for EV technicians. As Singapore starts seeing more electric rides, the need for skilled hands to tend to these eco-friendly beasts is more pressing than ever.

As traditional roles tied to the internal combustion engine start to gradually fade, upskilling becomes crucial for staying relevant in the automotive scene.

Jeremy Ong, CEO of NTUC LHUB, said, “With BYD’s prowess in EV manufacturing and NTUC LearningHub’s stellar track record in workplace safety and health training, this partnership is set to power up a fleet of top-notch EV technicians. Together, we’re gearing up for the EV boom.”

James Ng, Managing Director of BYD Singapore, echoed this sentiment. “As pioneers in the EV space, our mission extends beyond selling cars. We’re here to elevate the entire automotive sector, making sure it’s ready and roaring to go for the green revolution. Teaming up with NTUC LearningHub allows us to turbocharge our efforts, contributing to Singapore’s Green Plan 2030.”

Photo Credits: Sean Loo (@auto.driven)

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