indulge in Lunar New Year delights with new limited edition Magnum flavours.

The new Magnum flavours are Pistachio and Hazelnut, and arrive just in time for the Lunar New Year celebrations!

Lunar New Year – a time when the air is filled with the tantalising promise of feasts, family, and festivities. And what’s a celebration without a touch of indulgence?

Thus, Magnum Singapore has recently extended an invitation to their Pleasure Seekers to revel in the festivities with a twist – the all-new, limited edition Magnum Mini Pistachio and Mini Hazelnut.

Let’s start out with the Magnum Mini Pistachio – a nod to Lunar New Year’s traditional goodies. A scoop of this, and you’re whisked away to a world where the earthy, nutty whispers of pistachio ice cream meld with the classic, creamy caress of Magnum’s signature milk chocolate shell. 

If sweet is more your alley, then you should definitely try out the Magnum Mini Hazelnut. It’s like diving into a pool of velvety smooth vanilla ice cream, laced with rich, luscious chocolate hazelnut swirls, all sheathed in that iconic Magnum milk chocolate shell. A celebration of what happens when classic meets contemporary.

And here’s the scoop – these little bundles of joy are now on the shelves of supermarkets, e-commerce sites, or a tap away on delivery platforms like Grab and FoodPanda.

Like all good things, they’re here for a limited time only, so grab them fast. Priced at the friendly sum of $12.12 for a mini multipack of six, it’s an invitation to make this Lunar New Year not just memorable, but Magnum-memorable.

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