art exhibit ‘Plastic: Remaking Our World’ premieres at the National Museum of Singapore.  

Is plastic your cup of tea? We’re doing a deep dive into the material this January at the National Museum of Singapore!

There’s no denying it: disposal plastic has become an almost irreplaceable part of our lives. From our tupperware to water bottles, there’s nothing more convenient than throwing away a used plastic container after we’re done with it. 

But have you ever wondered how we’ve gotten to this point? How has that plastic become so ubiquitous, despite its obvious harm to the environment? Well, the art exhibit ‘Plastic: Remaking Our World’ explores just that, and it’s coming to the National Museum of Singapore this January! 

making its debut at the National Museum of Singapore.

Plastic: Remaking Our World, a travelling exhibition by the Vitra Design Museum, charts plastic’s rise in popularity in the 20th century, its impacts on the environment, and the potential for sustainable use. 

With over 300 objects, posters, films, and photographs, the exhibit features rarities from the dawn of the plastic age, objects of the pop era, and even contemporary designs and projects. This also includes Singapore’s history with plastics, featured in physical and digital displays of National Collection items! 

exciting themes and exhibits. 

Drop by and explore the 3 main sections, each exploring a different theme in the world of plastics, and its impact on society and the environment: 

  1. Kalpa.

An immersive film installation created by Asif Khan Studio. It contrasts the  long-term formation of oil with the rapid generation of plastic waste.

  1. Synthetica, Petromodernity and Plasticene: Plastics from 1850 until Today.

The next part of the exhibit showcases the development of early natural and synthetic plastics, its evolution, and how it has been perceived since the mid-19th century to today.

  1. Re-.

This section explores how we can achieve a circular plastic economy, with a sorting zone that encourages visitors to learn about the different types of plastic, and an injection machine that repurposes waste plastic into functional household items. 

To end it all off, be sure to also head over to the interactive space outside the exhibition. The space has been curated and modelled after a home, specially for visitors to explore the pervasiveness of plastic in our daily lives. Don’t forget to take part in the Green Detective’s Challenge, an on-site gamified experience that tests one’s knowledge on recycling and puzzle-solving skills.

In March, this interactive space will also be enhanced with a new dining room and an installation by artist Ernest Goh called the ‘Shore Debris Table, where debris from Singapore’s Punggol beach will be placed across a 6-metre-long dining table. Explore and pick out microplastic fragments from the sand, while you contemplate the issue of plastic pollution. Talk about bringing topics to the dinner table!

It’s not over till it’s over though, because the fun doesn’t stop at the exhibits. A diverse line-up of programmes has been prepared for every visitor throughout the exhibition period. Learn more about plastics, broader sustainability issues, and more with hands-on workshops, experiential tours, and live demonstrations. 

National Museum of Singapore’s commitment to a greener Singapore. 

On top of the exciting exhibits, the Museum has also taken the initiative to ensure that sustainable materials were used in the hosting of the exhibition: from the title wall header and label materials, to the display cases. 

To do this, an internal collection drive for staff of the National Heritage Board was organised. More than 200 items including luggage, skipping ropes, and bubble tea bags were contributed by staff and assessed for their suitability, before being displayed at the sorting zone and interactive space. After the exhibition period, the donated items are even slated to be recycled or reused where possible.

admission details. 

Happening from 27 January to 23 June 2024, tickets are only $5 each for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. Be sure to check it out!

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