6 actually doable green resolutions for the New Year.

We’re making things sustainable: for both the Earth and your New Year resolutions! 

When it comes to New Year resolutions, the one thing cynics will tell you is: it’s not going to last forever. Sure, the optimists definitely give us hope, but the relatable, slowly dwindling gym visits many experience every year might just have the cynics winning this battle. 

And of course, this isn’t limited to the gym! New Year Resolutions take time, determination, and discipline to carry out and stick with. Especially if the end goal is a permanent, positive change in our lifestyle. Which is why if starting your green journey this year, you might want to start with something easy – and we’ve got just the resolutions you can start with! 

1. taking shorter showers. 

We’re starting this list with the familiar. And just because it’s an age-old nag doesn’t make it any less untrue! Taking shorter showers has a multitude of benefits for the environment. Besides, let’s be honest: your Grammy-award winning singing, imagined scenarios, and crying can sometimes be done in the bedroom. 

On average, Singaporeans use 20L for a 5-minute shower. Which is astounding to think about: do we really need that much water to cleanse ourselves? The answer: no. According to this study by NUS, just by setting targets, your household can reduce your water usage by up to 22%! 

But how does that help the environment? Turns out, your daily shower takes up energy, and produces pollutants. So by cutting your daily shower from eight minutes to four minutes you can save up to 350 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide a year, reducing greenhouse emissions and helping prevent global warming. Not to mention, you’ll be saving a ton on your water bill 😉

2. donating your old items.

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, spring cleaning season’s afoot. We’re kicking out the old and bringing in the new! Just remember, though: kicking out the old doesn’t always mean dumping it in the trash!

By dropping your unused items at goodwill centres and thrift stores, another person has a chance to use them, instead of purchasing directly from fast-fashion outlets or convenient stores. You’re saving the Earth one less water and energy-intensive material or item to produce!

3. bring your own bottle. 

If you’ve been hanging around even the surface of green-motivated circles, chances are, you’re aware of the wonders of bringing your own bottle. From reducing the use of plastic to saving the turtles (by using less straws!), bringing your own bottle is an easy way to cultivate a green lifestyle. 

4. go meatless once a week. 

Not everyone is ready to give up meat – we totally understand. There’s something about a big, juicy steak that just beckons the foodie in you. But consuming meat isn’t doing the environment any favours. To produce meat, forests are destroyed (by means of forest fires), which releases tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and killing wildlife. Not to mention, all the greenhouse gases produced just transporting the meat to your plate!

By going meatless once a week, you’re reducing the demand for meat, and slowing down the need to produce mass amounts of meat at once. Don’t believe us? Click here.  

5. switch to public transport. 

There’s no denying it: having your own vehicle means convenience-galore! It saves time and (your) energy. But with every vehicle on the road, more carbon dioxide is released per mile driven. Taking public transport reduces these emissions by almost half of that. And who doesn’t want cleaner air? 

The best part? You don’t have to kick your car to the curb and immediately go cold turkey! Just like going meatless once a week, a little goes a long way. Start out with one trip or one day a week then slowly build it up. This will probably be especially great if you’ve already got a car but don’t want to waste the thousands you’ve paid in COE 😉

6. support local.

Last but not least: support local! When we switch to purchasing from local businesses, we reduce the carbon footprint needed to transport our items from one location to the next. Plus, it helps to stimulate the local economy, creating jobs for your loved ones. 

Going green doesn’t have to start big, and it doesn’t have to be difficult! By going only slightly out of your way to make positive changes in your life, you’re encouraging sustainability in both your lifestyle and your resolutions!

Can’t wait to start? Check out these 12 thrift shops in Singapore for fashionable & sustainable bargains, or head to these 9 flea markets in Singapore! 

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Writer, dreamer and explorer. When she’s not writing for Strada Visual Lab, Ayeeshah spends her time reading, skating and living life to her definition of fullest.

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