notable green vehicles at Singapore Motor Show 2024

Here are the hybrids, EVs and concept vehicles to take note of at the Singapore Motor Show 2024.

The Singapore Motor Show 2024 opened for public viewing on 11 January 2024. Some new cars and concept vehicles were launched and/or shown, and here are the notable eco-conscious ones.


Another e-tron-badged EV joins the Singapore market line-up as the Q4 Sportback e-tron was unveiled. Expect a couple of different trim levels featuring up to 286hp courtesy of one or two electric motors, 0-100km/h in up to 5.4 seconds, and a claimed WLTP range of up to 544km.


Two new models were unveiled at the Singapore Motor Show 2024.

Representing electrification is the BMW iX1. Readers would know that its X1 ICE sibling won the AutoApp Car of the Year 2024 award, and here’s an electrified version that brings about more quietness to the commute.

Also on display for the first time in Singapore is the i5 M60. 601 fully electric horsepower put to the road through all four wheels means you’ll be shoved deep into your seat as 100km/h comes and goes in a heady 3.8 seconds while you silently rush past everyone else on the way to that all-important board meeting.


The e-C4X is touted as Citroën’s first fully electric sedan. Carrying on the design language seen in the e-C4 from 2023, this quirky lifted sedan is eye-catching but not in a garish way, just how a Citroën should be. We look forward to an oh-so cushy and comfy quiet ride in the e-C4X.


BYD’s luxury brand Denza is in Singapore with the D9 MPV EV. The D9 is expected to make its way later this year and is said to be available in both two- and all-wheel drive variants. A sumptuously appointed interior speaks to the upmarket credentials of Denza, and we’ll have more to come when we get behind the wheel on our roads.

You’ll find the D9 and other BYD models including the facelifted Atto 3 at BYD’s stand at Suntec City Convention Centre Atrium beside Uniqlo.


Tucked away neatly but menacingly in the corner of the Hyundai stand is the IONIQ 5 N. 650hp, 770Nm of torque, a blistering 0-100km/h time of 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 260km/h is all you need to know. It’s not actually available for sale in Singapore but who knows… some day…. some… day….

Also at the Hyundai stand are three COE Category A or Cat A cars to take note of.

The first is the Avante, the only hybrid sedan in its class in Cat A. Next up is the IONIQ 6 EV, or what I affectionately call “my Korean Saab,” which is now available as a Cat A model. Finally there’s the Kona EV, which sits in Cat A.

All very compelling options for buyers who don’t want to look at Cat B vehicles.


The angular and spacious EV9 was unveiled at KIA’s stand, but don’t let its boxy stature fool you. Featuring a drag coefficient of just 0.28 and built on the E-GMP platform, this 7-seater is likely to outrun many other similarly spacious SUVs on our roads.


The LBX is Lexus’ compact SUV for the first time eco-conscious luxury car buyer who prefers the splash-and-dash convenience of a self-charging hybrid drivetrain while enjoying excellent fuel economy.

Additionally, the interior is very upmarket for its class and Lexus is said to provide over-the-air (OTA) updates to keep the infotainment system current with new features and improved performance.


In a Tron-meets-Geländewagen synastry, the EQG EV concept was unveiled to much ooohs and aaahs all around. This foreshadows an electric G wagon that’s said to arrive later this year as the EQG. Can’t wait to see that!


The concept Aceman is on display over at Mini’s stand. The future of MINI is electrified, and the Acemen drops clues as to what can be expected with the next new Mini model as an electric vehicle (EV.)


Headlining things over at the MG stand is the Cyberster, a fist-bitingly gorgeous cabriolet EV. With 536hp from two electric motors, 100km/h from a dig comes in a wig-ripping 3.2 seconds. That the roof also goes up and comes down in just 10 seconds is a plus, but when you open the doors, be enthralled as they scissor skywards.

Just be careful of low-ceiling multistorey carparks though, for it swings taller than the 1.84-metre tall MG9 SUV beside it.


The 2024 Nissan Serena e-Power was unveiled for the family buyer in both Premium 8-seater and Highway Star Prestige 7-seater configurations. This Serena features the second generation e-Power technology along with a more powerful 1.4-litre turbocharged engine that works as a generator to charge its battery and power the electric motor.


Not many details on the E5, but we’re told that it will only be available in Singapore as an EV. Looks pretty slick though, and has a technology-focused interior to keep the tech enthusiast satiated.


After a positive response and strong showing in 2023 with the Good Cat, ORA is starting 2024 with a bang with the 07. Baby Panamera anyone? Sure looks the part. The ORA 07 is said to be available in Singapore from the latter half of this year.


In addition to the Polestar 3 that debuted in Singapore last year, what grabbed everyone’s attention was the drop-dead gorgeous Electric Roadster concept that was built to showcase Polestar’s vision for the future of electric sports cars. This is just a clay model, so don’t lean on it.


The quickest accelerating production Volvo to date, the all-electric EX30, was launched at the 2024 Singapore Motor Show. In dual motor all-wheel drive configuration, the EX30 uses 422hp to power its way to 100km/h in just 3.6 seconds. Rear-wheel drive single motor variants will feature 268hp for both standard and long-range guise.

The EX30 is also Volvo’s most compact EV SUV in its model line-up.

Singapore Motor Show 2024 runs from 11 to 14 January at Suntec City Convention Centre Levels 3 & 4, and tickets are available for purchase online and on-site at Level 3 Concourse.

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