usher in the Year of The Dragon with the G-SHOCK limited edition dragon timepiece.

G-SHOCK has just announced the launch of its latest limited edition MTG-B3000CXD Dragon timepiece, specially crafted to celebrate the auspicious Chinese New Year, Year of the Dragon.

The MTG-B3000CXD (what a name!) exemplifies the perfect blend of structural innovation and aesthetic brilliance, a hallmark of the MT-G watch series.

This special model pays homage to the beginning of 2024 with a design that captures the mythical allure of the dragon.

The bezel and band loop are etched and laser-machined to emulate the intricate scales of a dragon. The finish is then adorned with a gold-coloured ion-plated (IP) coating, while the dial of the watch features a scale pattern.

On the back cover of the MTG-B3000CXD, a powerful image of a rising dragon is engraved, symbolizing strength, power, and good fortune.

The watch boasts a dual-core guard structure that combines a carbon fibre-reinforced resin case with metal parts, ensuring robust protection for the watch. The stainless-steel back cover is intricately pressed, cut, and polished.

The unique design allows the lugs securing the bands, crown, and button guards to be seamlessly incorporated into the back cover. The thin multi-function module of the watch enables a reduced case thickness of just 12.1mm (back cover to bezel), providing both style and comfort.

The watch features Bluetooth connectivity too, allowing it to sync with smartphones for accurate time information. Additional practical features include MULTIBAND 6, Tough Solar technology, and high-brightness LED light illumination.

With only a limited number available, this timepiece symbolizes not only the Year of the Dragon but also the spirit of innovation and craftsmanship synonymous with the G-SHOCK brand.

The MTG-B3000CXD is priced at $1,599 and available for purchase at G-SHOCK retailers and online from 5 January 2024.

Additionally, receive an exclusive Year of Dragon Red Packets as GWP with any purchase of G-SHOCK watches, while stocks last.

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Sean Loo

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