7 best green spaces in Singapore to watch the 2024 New Year fireworks.

2024 is just around the corner. So you know what that means: New Year Fireworks!

The New Year is just around the corner, and Singapore is celebrating it with a beloved pastime – watching the fireworks! The best part? This year, the fireworks aren’t just happening in Marina Bay. They’re also happening in 8 different heartland neighbourhoods! So if you’re looking for a place to lay out a picnic mat and usher in the new year with loved ones, here are 7 green spaces to do so. 

1. Gardens By The Bay.

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One of the most famous spots for fireworks viewing in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay boasts incredible views of the National Day Fireworks. Plus, with the gorgeous greenery and Supertrees in the foreground, this spot presents everyone with an amazing Insta-worthy opportunity!

2. Bay East at Gardens By The Bay. 

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Even on regular days, the Marina Bay skyline is a gorgeous one – and it’s one that’s incredibly easy to admire from Bay East at Gardens by The Bay! If you’re looking to enjoy the 2024 New Year’s fireworks amongst lush greenery and serene surroundings, Bay East might just be the go-to. It’s freely accessible to all, open 24/7, and the ideal spot to celebrate a new start.

3. Marina Barrage.

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If you haven’t had a picnic on Marina Barrage’s rooftop, this is your chance! A mixture of fresh air, sea, and greenery, tranquillity has no competition. Which is what makes it the perfect spot to watch the 2024 New Year’s Eve fireworks! Imagine watching the 2024 New Year’s Fireworks with an unobstructed view of the night sky, the sound of waves around you, and the cool night air to accompany you as you enjoy gorgeous fireworks.

4. The Lawn @ Marina Bay.

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A little green sanctuary in the midst of a concrete jungle, The Lawn at Marina Bay is true to its name. This small patch of green between buildings is surrounded by lush, green trees, and a big, open sky. If you’re looking for somewhere convenient to watch the fireworks after a day of staying in the office or shopping, The Lawn is a good place to do so. 

Plus, it’s located right above Marina Bay Link Mall’s Subterranean Mall, so you’ll have access to all your favourite F&B outlets. 

5. Mount Faber’s Peak.

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While you may not manage to catch the fireworks up close here, Mount Faber is definitely the most scenic option of them all! From a birds’ eye view of the city to a sprinkling of bars and restaurants, this hilltop destination is soaked in charm and serenity. Plus, with the hilltop offering a higher vantage point, you might just be able to catch a glimpse of the Marina Bay New Year’s fireworks from where you are.

6. Marina South Pier. 

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Image by @iamvitax on Instagram.

Tucked away in a quieter corner of the North is Marina South Pier. While further away than most of the previous places, the pier’s boardwalk presents the perfect opportunity to watch the fireworks unobstructed. If you have little ones who might be more comfortable with spaces to run around, and away from the noise and crowd, this is the spot to be this New Year’s Eve! 

7. Woodlands Stadium.

2024 watch new year fireworks spots singapore 7

Stadiums are definitely some of the most convenient spots to view Singapore’s NDP fireworks. If you stay in the north, head to Woodlands Stadium to catch the community fireworks. The stadium is equipped with benches and a field for you to chill and enjoy the gorgeous sparkler spectacle!

If Woodlands isn’t in your area, no biggy! Singapore’s got 6 other heartland spots to catch the 2024 New Year’s Fireworks: 

  • Our Tampines Hub (Town Square)
  • Boon Lay (Block 215 Boon Lay Place hardcourt)
  • Keat Hong (Keat Hong Square, hardcourt at Choa Chu Kang Loop)
  • MacPherson (hardcourt outside MacPherson Community Club)
  • Marine Parade (Block 46 Marine Crescent hardcourt)
  • Nee Soon (Futsal Arena @ Yishun)

Nothing rivals the excitement that comes with watching fireworks light up the sky. And with so many places to celebrate the New Year in Singapore, it’ll be easy to catch the fireworks in Singapore! 

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