Bbyeol introduces new compact Polaris UVC sterilizer.

The Bbyeol Polaris UVC sterilizer is a convenient and effective solution for disinfection on the go!

Bbyeol has recently launched their latest product – the Polaris UVC Sterilizer. This mini cutting-edge sterilizer is equipped with EternalGuard Technology, a patented technology that ensures unprecedented product durability and enhanced sterilization efficiency.

Despite its size, it features a total of 5 UVC lights with a proven track record in disinfection to ensure consumer’s safety. 

And because it is so small, the Bbyeol Polaris UVC Sterilizer is perfect to bring along with you to sterilize high-touch surfaces ranging from elevator buttons, door handles, public restroom fixtures to tables, utensils, and personal belongings.

Its compact and lightweight design ensures ease of portability, fitting effortlessly into a bag or pocket. You can even detach the Polaris from its case for application use, and by using this, users can also reduce the use of sanitizing wipes or sprays, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to personal hygiene. 

Rest assured, the Polaris also comes with a comprehensive warranty package, including a 6-month product warranty and a 12-month UV warranty. Bbyeol also offers islandwide delivery, neat!

To celebrate the launch of the product, Bbyeol Polaris UVC Sterilizer will be offered at $69 (UP: $129) from now to 31 December 2023, limited to the first 200 customers only. 

Customers can purchase through this highlighted text or visit their physical showrooms located at Suntec City, #02-341/342, 038983 or 33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-31, Vertex, Singapore 408868.

Please note that visiting is strictly by appointment only.

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