is this the future of electrified city riding? G2 Quantum Electric Review

Although compact and cute in size, the G2 Quantum Electric is poised to lead the charge in electrified mobility. 

The world as we know it is shifting its gears towards electrified mobility. Dubbed as clean and environmentally friendly, these silent vehicles do not emit any carbon emissions at all and can theoretically be powered via harnessing green energy.

Leading the charge for electric motorcycle riding in Singapore is Quantum, a new startup that promises safe and easy riding with its G2 Scooter.

Is it a compelling choice for the discerning rider? Well, we took out one to find out.

is it easy to operate?

Oh yes. You just plug the ignition key in, give it a twist, tap the front brake twice and you’re good to go.

Riding is as easy as Sunday morning. Similar to many scooters out there, there isn’t any clutch or manual operation; just squeeze the throttle and you’re on the move in seconds.

Your clutch lever is now the rear brake instead, and your feet are free to relax or bask in the cool breeze as you ride along.

Its electrified drivetrain beckons you forward with brisk acceleration that is more than enough to edge out other vehicles on the roads, but thankfully it isn’t fast enough to warrant any subdued helmet screams.

At speed, the G2 wafts along at a steady pace, and you feel really relaxed thanks in part to the lack of engine vibrations and sounds. Although I am someone who likes the burble of thumping engines, it’s nice to tone it down once in a while and just cruise gently along.

Damping is decent on the G2, and you can even take corners at naughty speeds should the tyres keep up. It’s really a great option for last-mile commutes or small bursts of city prowling.

Although, it must be said that range is the only major teething issue with the scooter. Sustaining expressway speeds will deplete the battery rather quickly, and one would need to have handy Type 2 chargers available at destinations in order to make return journeys confidently. 

is it easy to live with?

On the topic of charging, it is rather a simple affair. Popping open the seat reveals a tidy twin battery array and Type 2 AC port. 

No DC charging? You wouldn’t require it anyway, as the two batteries have a combined capacity of just (1.123kWh). This means even AC charging can be completed in about 2.5 hours when fully depleted.

The G2 Quantum has another trick up its sleeve too. You can simply pop out the batteries and hot-swap them for newly charged ones, giving you instant range.

We have seen similar trial tests being conducted around Singapore too, where users can just swap out their battery packs for new ones at dedicated charging racks. Quantum says they are on the case in building such charging infrastructure, just pending the approval of authorities.

Should these charging docks become more commonplace in districts around our sunny island, owning and operating a scooter like this would become a breeze, as it would take out any foreseeable charging delays one would have. 

Better yet, we all know batteries will deplete in charge over time. Having the ability to swap out old used batteries would enable the scooter to continue functioning without the need to replace the whole motorcycle.

And of course, these batteries can then be recycled properly.

is it practical?

As far as scooters go, the G2 Quantum can hold its own in terms of practicality. Although you lose some under-seat storage space with the battery packs, you can easily mount a wide variety of motorcycle panniers.

Stowaway pedals are included as well, which neatly fold out whenever a pillion joins in on the fun.

You also get a key fob to unlock/lock the bike’s electronics, while tunes can be blasted via the onboard speakers that can be connected via Bluetooth.

Should the need to charge your smart devices arise too, a USB port and pigeonhole are located on the left side for ease of use. Heck, you even get a neat little coat hook for your morning coffee or bag!

it’s a start.

It all looks very good on paper. However, the Achilles heel of the G2 Quantum is still its range. If you have a dedicated charging plan available at either your home or office or are riding it within a close vicinity, this won’t pose an issue.

Otherwise, you’re left with two choices: either purchase additional batteries to hot-swap (they’re not expensive!), or keep an AC cable on you at all times. The scooter doesn’t draw much power from a three-pin socket, so regular charging with an AC cable wherever a wall socket becomes available should not be that big of an issue.

Otherwise, we can hope that the authorities hasten their adoption rate of the common charging docks for spare batteries. If that system becomes commonplace, these scooters will make for a very compelling commuting option.

If you’re a rider, I urge you to try one of these someday. It’s really a blast, and I’m pretty sure these things can put a big smile on your face.

technical specifications.

G2 Quantum Electric Motorcycle
 Mid-drive DC centre motor
Power: 3,000W (max. 5,000W)
Battery: Lithium 43.2V 26AH (1,123.2Wh), swappable
Charger: Type-2 fast charging
Charge Time: approx. 90 minutes (10-80%) and 2.5 hours to full (claimed)
Range: 80km (claimed)
Top Speed: 93km/h (claimed)
Kerb Weight: 110kg
Length: 1,850mm
Width: 685mm
Height: 1,080mm
Contact: Quantum Mobility Singapore

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