myFirst innovates new products that foster safety for young children.

myFirst has recently launched an array of new products that help foster safety with the help of technology for young children.

myFirst, the Singapore-based wizards of kids-tech, just dropped some products that revolutionise how families connect in the digital age. And it starts with myFirst Circle 2.0.

Let’s start with Momojis. Picture this: dynamic motion emojis that pop up on the screen with a burst of energy and sound. These Momojis aren’t your average emojis; they’re the key to unlocking a world of expressive communication for kids. 

And if that’s not enough to tickle your tech fancy, myFirst Circle 2.0 brings with it a Knock-Knock feature – a playful twist to communication. Imagine sharing real-time moments through 60-second videos or photos.

The sender kicks things off, and the recipient responds with their own snippet of life. It’s a digital dance of connection, inspired by the founder’s desire to stay connected with his daughter’s daily adventures.

Now, let’s talk safety because, let’s face it, peace of mind for parents is non-negotiable. myFirst Circle 2.0 has your back with an upgraded location tracking system.

No more generic tracking; this update intelligently suggests and classifies frequent locations. It’s like giving parents a backstage pass to their child’s daily adventures, be it the best friend’s house, school, or any other spot on their little explorer’s map.

And how does this system work? Enter the myFirst Fone R2 – the sleek and smart sidekick for your tech-savvy tots. Picture a super-bright AMOLED screen, a new processor for lightning-fast performance, and a design so slim it sets a new standard for sleekness and portability.

The Magic Button on top is like having a genie at your fingertips, granting wishes with single, double, or long presses. 

myFirst also launched the Frame Doodle and myFirst Frame Live. Grandparents rejoice, because myFirst Frame doesn’t just showcase photos; it brings the latest updates from your family and friends immediately upon posting.

As G-Jay Yong, the brain behind myFirst, puts it, “With myFirst Circle 2.0, Fone R2, and Frame, we’re not just introducing products; we’re creating a connected social ecosystem that brings families closer together in the digital age.”

the myFirst Circle app is free and available on AppStore, Google Play & Huawei App Gallery. Here is a price list of the rest of the products:

ItemPrice (SGD)
Fone R2$299
Frame Doodle$139
Frame Live$149

They are all available now for purchase too! For more information, please visit this highlighted text.

So, whether you’re a parent navigating the digital parenting realm or a grandparent eager to be part of your grandchild’s world, myFirst has just thrown open the doors to a new era of family connections.

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