5 eco & nature-themed outfits by Mandai to wear to the zoo.

Clothing, accessories, and lifestyle home items for the wildlife-lover and eco-conscious!

Think you’ve got all the perfect pieces for your capsule wardrobe? Think again! Mandai Wildlife Group just collaborated with the Singapore Fashion Council to launch a line of eco-conscious clothing and accessories by local lifestyle brands.

The collaboration brings together artists and craftsmen from across the island with one goal in mind: curating a unique, nature-themed fashion ensemble. And that they did! From production to packaging, this sustainable collection reshapes the way fashion is used, produced and consumed. Plus, they’re so gorgeous they make for amazing conversation pieces about conscious and sustainable shopping!

1. junglesuit’s hoodies. 

eco-friendly fashion mandai 1

There’s a reason Uniqlo is our tiny island nation’s uniform – our hot, humid climate means we need cooling, comfortable, yet stylish pieces. But while Uniqlo is amazing, why not spice up your wardrobe with junglesuit? Their gorgeous pieces are specifically designed for its users to thrive in the heat. 

eco-friendly fashion mandai 2

And now, with their special Mandai hoodie raincoat, you can wear junglesuit rain or shine! As part of the Mandai collection, junglesuit customised their “Just Add Water” Rain Hoodie with gold accents, inspired by five animal illustrations by Mandai Wildlife Group’s Sanctuary Collection. 

2. La Tierra’s crafts. 

eco-friendly fashion mandai 3

Need matching sets for the whole family? La Tierra’s “The White Tiger” collection has pieces for everyone! Their iconic “White Tiger” design depicts power and beauty amidst a balanced ecosystem. Available in the form of a unisex tee, a drawstring dress, and even a scarf, La Tierra’s designs are bold – perfect for anyone looking to stand out. 

And if you’re looking to create your own set, La Tierra’s block printing set is available for purchase as well! Their vision is to aid in the revival of dying crafts such as block printing and natural dyeing to create modern and sustainable fashion and home linen. 

3. Photo Phactory’s lifestyle home pieces.

eco-friendly fashion mandai 4

When it comes to all things conservation, there’s nothing that screams a passion for wildlife more than decorating your home with an elegant touch of Mandai! Photo Phactory brings an elegant touch of fauna to your home with mugs, coasters, mango wood trays, cushion covers, and even a set of plates and bowls.

eco-friendly fashion mandai 5

Image by Mandai Wildlife Group.

That’s not the end though – strut your stuff in their unisex tees, shirts, and scarves on your next trip to Mandai’s park. They even have kids’ wear available! Now, you can enjoy a day at the zoo with your family in matching outfits. 

4. Reckless Ericka’s unique prints.

eco-friendly fashion mandai 6

Image by Mandai Wildlife Group.

Talk about ethical production! Reckless Ericka is a business that ensures every aspect of their product is carefully tested, such that it creates little to no impact on the environment! If you’re looking to enjoy something unique, their tees are the way to go. Inspired by the parks at Mandai Wildlife Reserve, find tees printed with exotic animals, Cuban shirts, and even a kids’ fits! 

5. Pearly Lustre’s jewellery.

Once you’ve picked out your favourite piece, complete your look with Pearly Lustre’s jewellery! Converging timeless elegance with life’s beauty, Pearly Lustre blesses this collection with statement pieces inspired by the majestic Malayan Tiges in a call to protect this endangered species through earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets that use recyclable and hypoallergenic materials.

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