Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre Singapore opens its doors.

The long-awaited Hyundai Motor Group research and development facility is now officially open.

The Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre Singapore, or as the industry calls it, HMGICS, has finally thrown open its doors after three years of anticipation. Nestled in the automotive heartland of Jurong along Bulim Avenue, this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill R&D joint—it’s a bona fide production powerhouse for Hyundai’s electric dreams.

The $400 million assembly facility in Bulim Avenue started operations in early 2023 and was officially opened by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong on November 21st.

DPM Wong said in his speech at the opening ceremony that “HMGICS should make full use of Singapore’s research capabilities and talents, to develop and pilot more novel solutions here”.

“Together, we hope that we can push boundaries, create new value and create many more exciting and cutting-edge jobs for Singapore, and play a role in developing new vehicles and new solutions for the future.”

This is a facility not only shaping the future of Hyundai’s electric vehicles but also doing it right here in the sunny streets of Singapore. The Ulsan EV production plant in South Korea now has a sibling, and they’re set to lead Hyundai’s electrification charge.

Come, let us give you a sneak peek into the gearhead haven that is HMGICS.

HMGICS Smart Farm

This is the first thing you’ll encounter upon entering the premises – a lobby dominated by a wall of hydroponically grown veggies, tended to by robotic green thumbs. It’s not just for show; these veggies star in the soon-to-be-unveiled on-site restaurant.

And guess what? You can try your hand at programming these agricultural bots. 

You can even choose the seedlings to be planted. It’s a farm-to-fork experience, literally. The harvested goodies? Well, they’re your keepsake and a generous donation to local communities.

The Production Floor

This is where the magic happens. The grand stage for assembling the Ioniq 5 and soon, the Ioniq 6. It’s not just for Singapore either; these vehicles are rolling out to the world. The assembly line isn’t your typical conveyor belt affair.

It’s an intricate dance of robots on sledges, ensuring a symphony of efficiency. Robots and humans team up for quality checks, and sentries on wheels patrol the floor.

The seven-storey 86,900 sq m facility boasts a flexible cell-based production system that breaks away from traditional conveyor belt manufacturing.

This modular system allows the plant to assemble several products at once, without the rigidity associated with a production line.

Hyundai claims it’s a hub of constant innovation, a testbed for future mobility solutions. Think Purpose Built Vehicles and more. And guess what? Visitors get a front-row seat in the VR theatre with 3D VR goggles for an interactive experience.

As of now, the Ioniq 5 is built in two variants – a local version for Singapore, and a robot-taxi version for US territories.

The Skytrack

No, it’s not a racetrack; it’s the ultimate systems check for fresh-off-the-line cars. A few laps here, and test drivers run a thorough check to ensure everything’s ship-shape. 

And it’s all hosted on the roof of the HMGICS building; a massive oval track for an in-house vehicle shakedown, and the first of its kind in Asia. Complete with two 33-degree sloping sections, it is designed to accommodate test vehicles travelling up to 83km/h. Cars are tested for a multitude of parameters, including noise, harshness and vibration.

But it’s not just about the cars; HMGICS has its eyes on nurturing local talent and fostering innovation with collaborations and agreements with local institutions. Hyundai is also teaming up with PTC Logistics to cook up a renewable hydrogen energy ecosystem in Singapore.

Owners’ Car Collection Room

So, you’ve ordered a spanking new Hyundai Ioniq 5 made right here. Want to pick it up in person? Now you can. Watch as your ride gets smoothly ushered into the delivery bay, guided by robot sledges.

Zero delivery mileage, and you get a virtual checklist to get you up to speed on your new ride. And the cherry on top? A video wall that sets the scene for a family photo before you hit the road.

Before you head off, prospective owners can also check out the Design and Merchandise Studio, where a wide variety of Hyundai Ioniq-related merchandise is on display for you to purchase.

But where are the sales staff? Well, this is an online store, and whatever merchandise you purchase will be delivered right to your door. 

Hyundai Motor Group isn’t just making cars; it’s setting the stage for a greener tomorrow. And we’re all for it, and proud that Singapore finally has some automotive manufacturing muscle of its own.

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