Daimler Trucks debuts new Mercedes-Benz eActros 300 in Singapore.

Daimler Commercial Vehicles South East Asia (DCVSEA) just dropped the curtain on the first-ever Mercedes-Benz eActros 300 fully-electric truck right here in our bustling city.

Daimler Truck AG, the heavyweight champ of commercial vehicle manufacturing, is putting the pedal to the metal in creating an eco-friendly commercial transportation future. 

championing an era of e-mobility.

The eActros 300 isn’t just your run-of-the-mill electric truck. It’s the flagship series of Mercedes-Benz trucks, a pioneer in the realm of fully-electric heavy-duty vehicles.

It’s designed for heavy-duty short-radius distribution, offering good range, decent power output, and the flexibility to adapt to daily use seamlessly. And guess what? It charges up faster than you can grab a cup of coffee.

But it’s not just about power; it’s about the silent revolution. The eActros slashes noise levels, as it drives with zero CO2 emissions.  And who’s the lucky first owner to get their hands on this? None other than German logistics giant DB Schenker. 

partnering for progress.

Daimler Truck believes in partnerships. They’re not just dropping a truck into the market; they’re building an ecosystem. In cahoots with the likes of DBS Bank, TÜV SÜD, and their trusted dealer Cycle & Carriage, they’re laying the groundwork for a sustainable tomorrow.

But it’s not just about the big names; it’s about the folks on the ground, like DB Schenker, sharing their journey with the eActros. It’s about real stories, real experiences, and real change.

redefining the EV adoption experience.

Now, I know what’s on your mind – electric trucks, are they financially sound for daily operations? Well, Daimler Truck isn’t just leaving you to figure it out. They’re in it for the long haul, offering eConsulting as part of their integrated eActros solution.

eMobility isn’t just a new drive system; it’s a whole new way of doing business. It’s about making the switch to electric not just a choice but a financially smart move. So, they’re crunching the numbers, optimizing the total cost of ownership, and ensuring your electrified journey makes dollars and sense.

By 2039, they’re planning to electrify their entire European product portfolio. It’s not just about trucks; it’s about a commitment to climate protection and a nod to the Paris Agreement.

So, my friends, as the eActros 300 hits the streets of Singapore, it’s not just a truck; it’s a statement. A statement that the future of commercial transportation is electric, and Daimler Truck is steering us into that green horizon. 

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Sean Loo

Ignition Labs' resident editor loves all things retro, even though he was born in the late 90s. His main job encompasses tons of driving (and a massive carbon footprint), but he swears he turns off the lights each time he leaves his room.

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