gaming microphone powered by sonar? step into battle with the new SteelSeries Alias Series.

SteelSeries unleashes Alias Series microphones: giving gamers the voice they deserve.

Hey gamers! Time to amplify your gaming experience because SteelSeries just dropped its new line of Alias microphones powered by Sonar.

You know how it is when you’re deep into a game, shouting, narrating your epic gameplay, and just being your dynamic self. The problem? Regular microphones can’t keep up. But fear not, SteelSeries, with over 20 years of making gaming glorious, has your back.

So, what’s the deal with Alias microphones? You’re not just getting a mic; you’re getting a masterpiece built for gamers. SteelSeries realised that when we game, we don’t just sit still; we get animated, we move, we shout, and we tell stories with flair.

Alias microphones embrace this gaming chaos and let you be as dynamic as you want to be. No more being tied down; it’s time for the freedom and true range that gamers crave.

Now, why did SteelSeries embark on this mission? Because streaming and producing simultaneously ain’t a walk in the park. Unlike news anchors with a whole crew, streamers usually go solo. So, SteelSeries took three years to cook up a solution.

The result? A microphone system that’s the ultimate combo of hardware and software. It’s the secret sauce that makes you sound like a pro without needing a sound engineer by your side.

Let’s dive into the tech stuff. Alias microphones are not just any mics; they feature a custom-built 1” condenser capsule that’s 3 times the size of standard mics. Translation: it flawlessly captures every nuance of your voice. The finely tuned cardioid capsule pattern minimizes background noise, creating a bubble-like capture area.

But it’s not just about the mic; it’s the whole package. The Alias microphone chassis comes with a custom-built shock mount that absorbs vibrations. You can get animated during your streams without worrying about weird noises. And let’s talk visuals – sleek, streamlined, and designed specifically for gamers.

But what powers this bad boy? Enter Sonar for Streamers, the turbo engine of sound. It’s a free studio-grade software suite that gives you all the tools for high-quality audio production. It’s like having your mini recording studio. You get a 10-band Parametric EQ, audio routing, precision tuning, and ClearCast AI noise cancellation. No more sounding like you’re in a crowded subway; now, you’re in a professional studio.

And the best part? It plays nice with standard video broadcasting software like OBS and Streamlabs. No more tech jargon; it’s gamer-friendly.

Now, for the stars of the show – Alias Pro and Alias.

Alias Pro – the ultimate streaming microphone for gamers.

This is the real deal. A broadcast-quality XLR microphone that picks up every detail of your voice with extreme accuracy. The balanced XLR system with pre-amplifier and 48V phantom power reduces noise and interference, delivering pure and powerful 24bit/48kHz audio. It’s the holy grail for the serious streamer.

And the XLR Stream Mixer is a professional-level command station that brings XLR amplification and audio mixing controls to any PC. It’s like having a mini music studio on your desk. Plus, it supports dual PC streaming for you multi-tasking wizards.

Alias – sound quality and versatility combined.

This one is for the gamers who want broadcast quality without the whole XLR shebang. A microphone designed from the ground up for gamers to sound like the pros. It’s plug-and-play – connect it to your PC with USB, and you’re good to go.

Both Alias Pro and Alias have LED indicators, real-time mic monitoring, and RGB lighting to add that extra flair to your setup.

So, there you have it – SteelSeries giving gamers the voice they deserve. Elevate your streams, upgrade your content, and sound like the pro you were born to be.

The Alias and Alias Pro microphones powered by Sonar for Streamers are available for the following recommended retail selling price:

● Alias Pro Microphone – S$499 (Available now)
● Alias Microphone – S$299 (To be available for sale in Singapore in early November 2023)

SteelSeries Sonar For Streamers – Free Download by clicking this highlighted text.

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