6 best places to build terrariums in Singapore.

Looking to build terrariums in Singapore? We’ve found 6 best places for terrarium workshops, terrarium plants, and more!

An activity perfect for all ages, terrarium building has slowly become a popular yet unique activity to do with loved ones. It combines nature and indoors in a quiet setting, promising an afternoon of both fun and calm. 

Which is why we’ve gathered 6 spots in Singapore where you can enjoy time creating an aesthetic, miniature garden of your own! 

1. Lush Glass Door. 

terrarium singapore

Image from Lush Glass Door on Instagram.

Create your own miniature world and ecosystem with Lush Glass Door, home to fun terrariums, gorgeous succulents, and more. Their workshops are suitable for beginners and they have packages specially for couples, moss-lovers, and even those looking to create auspicious CNY-themed terrariums once the season comes around! 

2. The Green Capsule. 

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Image by The Green Capsule on Instagram.

With The Green Capsule, you get your choice of closed or open terrariums. So whether you’re looking to build a self-sustaining world with a closed terrarium, or care for a lush, green garden in an open terrarium, there’s something for you! 

3. InOut Atelier

terrarium singapore 3

Image by InOut Atelier on Instagram. 

At InOut Atelier, they believe that spending time with nature has physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Which is why when you build a terrarium with InOut Atelier, you’re not just creating a gorgeous green world in a glass jar. You’re also rekindling your love for nature and bonding with your loved ones. 

4. Mosto Terrarium 

terrarium singapore 4

Image by Mosto Terrarium on Instagram.

Mosto Terrarium’s fun take on terrariums will have your little ones jumping for joy. Their creative, whimsical-themed terrariums tell stories that elicit positive emotions in every terrarium creator.

5. Make Your Own SG

terrarium singapore 5

Image by Make Your Own SG on Instagram.

When it comes to guided sessions, Make Your Own SG are the experts! Their cosy workshop fits up to 30 pax, and is the perfect place for corporate workshops and team building activities (like terrarium building!).  

They also have DIY craft kits that are available for purchase online, should you wish to build your own terrarium at home with your loved ones. 

6. A Tilly A Day.

terrarium plants

Image by A Tilly A Day on Instagram.

A Tilly A Day is a one-stop station for exotic plants, terrariums, accessories and decorations for your creative gardening needs! If you’re looking to create your own terrarium at home, this is the perfect shop to check out. Head over to their website to explore their variety of terrarium plants, or to pick up your own DIY Terrarium Kit

With so many spots to build a terrarium in Singapore, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed. We hope these 6 spots will help you pick the place that best suits you! 

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