meet MADLY: the ethical jewellery store pioneering artisanal mines.

sustainable jewellery

Looking for sustainable jewellery? Meet MADLY, Singapore’s newest ethical jewellery brand!

When it comes to getting a shiny new (but sustainable) necklace for your boo, Singapore’s got tons of options – from lab grown diamonds to conscious jewellery brands. Now joining the list is MADLY, and they’ve got an exciting new take on ethical and sustainable jewellery: small-scale, artisanal mines…

… and we’re MADLY in love.

sustainable ethical jewellery

Founded in 2014, MADLY is a sassy, trailblazing, bespoke jewellery design house. They’re all about the top 0.1% of coloured gemstones and curated, bespoke designs. So if you’re looking for somewhere to impress your partner with pieces that celebrate their unique personality and style, this is the place to be.

I mean, let’s be honest, if your one-of-a-kind necklace had been painstakingly curated and designed by your partner,  handcrafted in 18K Gold, and forged by the hands of master craftsmen, you’d swoon. I know I would. 

melding sustainability and gems together in:

1. sourcing. 

sustainable ethical jewellery 2

While the jewellery industry has been criticised for its negative impacts on the environment, MADLY is dedicated to making its statement pieces more than just that – statements. 

Through direct partnerships with miners, the brand has deliberately shifted production and focus to small-scale, artisanal mines — the primary source of their coloured gems. By doing so, they hope to actively reduce their environmental footprint while simultaneously enhancing the well-being of local communities in Sri Lanka and East Africa. 

sustainable ethical jewellery 4

Co-existing harmoniously with agricultural lands, these mines maintain a symbiotic relationship with the farming industry. Once the land used for mining has been rehabilitated after depletion, they are transformed into rice paddies, creating not only environmental benefits, but also providing communities with an economic lifeline. 

As of today, the brand has established sourcing offices in East Africa and Sri Lanka, with unparalleled access to quality gemstones; all while boasting Singapore’s largest collection of coloured gemstones.

2. creation.

sustainable ethical jewellery 5

And it doesn’t stop there. Beyond the mining process, MADLY stays dedicated to their ethical and sustainable production of jewellery by only creating pieces on a made-to-order basis. This ensures that no materials or energy is wasted during the creation process. 

tying it all together with a story. 

sustainable ethical jewellery 6

With every jewellery creation being personal, sustainable, and unique, it comes as no surprise that every piece is crafted with more than just a hope for an aesthetically pleasing accessory set. 

Instead, every piece is created with intention, and imbued with a deeper meaning for every client. MADLY believes in unveiling the profound stories concealed within each gem, and celebrating their unique narratives one stone at a time. 

MADLY prides itself for works centred on loved ones. They pride themselves for weaving in birthstones, names, or unique traits that become a conduit for sharing stories that transcend generations and carry deep sentimental value.

experience it for yourself.

If you’re looking to check out the pieces for yourself, be sure to head to MADLY’s Brand Experience Centre at 13 Ann Siang Road! The showcase promises to be an immersive experience, inviting you to dive headfirst into the world of gemstones – learn about each gemstone’s origin, find out more about MADLY’s commitment to education and transparency with interactive walls, and enjoy the rich history of gemstones. 

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