renovating your BTO? be inspired by Italian home designs this Singapore Design Week. 

Ever felt uninspired by the uniformity of the standard BTO layout? Open your mind to the world of Design Assemblies, an Italian home design exhibition that reimagines a home in a world where the theme of housing flexibility and reconfigurability is increasingly present and central in everyday life.

Singapore Design Week 2023 is here and it’s the perfect outlet for us to celebrate Singapore’s distinctive brand of creativity! This year, the festival explores design through three defining pillars: Design Futures (the design of the future and the future of design), Design Marketplace (lifestyle trends with a spotlight on Southeast Asia), and Design Impact (innovative solutions for a better world), and promises an entire parade of amazing work! 

If you’re looking to renovate your home or spruce it up with a new look however, the “Design Assemblies” showcase might particularly interest you. Organised in collaboration with Calibro Zero, Id Integrated, Club Asia and Bonucchi e Associati, the exhibition features Italian home design practices curated by Francesco Carota and Francesca Frassoldati, brilliant professors and architects from Italy. Their work in Design Assemblies brings you on a journey through shapes, colours, stories and flavours of Piedmont, an important industrial region in Northern Italy.

redefining flexibility in uncertainty.

hdb renovation singapore design week design assemblies

The inspiration? You.  

If you’re a homeowner-to-be, you’ve probably considered several home layouts and designs that are flexible for each member of the household, with plans in place for future-proof ideals, such as kids and caring for elderly parents. Not to mention the convenience of a possible dishwasher or efficient washing machine that’ll shave an hour from your already busy schedule once you’ve finally reached home from a 12-hour shift. 

In an era of rapid global changes, the theme of housing flexibility and reconfigurability is increasingly present and central in everyday life – between scarcity of resources, an increasingly ageing population, the continuous redefinition of the work-life balance, and other stressful day-to-day considerations, homeowners likse us are constantly looking for more strategies to foster a more fluid, exchangeable, and connected living environment. And if you relate, hey, you’re not alone! 

Which is why Design Assemblies’ exhibition program takes you through quality and coordinated design actions that, when assembled together, add value, enhance one another, and provide infinite solutions to everyday problems. In other words, the exhibition showcases design objects that can become better when fitted into a whole system coherent with Singaporeans’ needs, expectations and resources in the context of ever changing challenges.

a quick tour. 

hdb renovation singapore design week design assemblies 2

If you’re still unsure of what to expect though, no worries! Here’s a quick tour 😉 

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter is a pavilion – walk toward it and you’ll find a quick introduction showing the four crucial and interrelated elements characterising the Piemonte Home Design project. 

Within the exhibition, enjoy a contemporary Italian style of home design, with its glorious history reinterpreted to strive within a global perspective. The designs focus from the whole to the individual, from the general to the specific, and from the final assemblage to the single production. Expect an assemblage that adds value to custom-made, artisanal and innovative contemporary productions.

hdb renovation singapore design week design assemblies 3

If what you’ve heard intrigues you, be sure to head over to the Stamford Arts Centre! The exhibition will open to the public on 22 September from 5.30 pm to 10 pm as part of Friday Late, Singapore Design Week’s inaugural activation in the Bras Basah Bugis district to bring the creative community together. Following the opening, the exhibition will run till 25 September, from 10 am till 6 pm. 

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