sustainability and racing? here’s how DZ Engineering managed to pull it off. 

Motorsports have traditionally been huge contributors to pollution and emissions, and DZ Engineering wants to change that for the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix.

Formula 1 is arguably the pinnacle of motorsports and something that causes a huge stir whenever it arrives on our shores. As fun and exciting as it is (I’m of course a fellow motorsport enthusiast myself), we’ve all heard the buzz about the environmental woes of motorsport, right? The roar of engines clashing with the hushed whispers of sustainability.

But guess what? DZ Engineering SRL, the arm of the Dino Zoli Group, is doing their part and rewriting this script.

They’ve swapped out the old traditional floodlights for something far cooler: LEDs, the rockstars of energy efficiency. And this isn’t just about lighting up the race track; it’s about weaving a narrative of sustainable racing under the blazing lights of innovation.

They’re the masterminds behind the luminous nights of F1. Starting way back in 2008 with the debut of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship in Singapore, DZ Engineering SRL stepped onto the scene.

What’s their spell? Homogenous lighting that’s a dance of safety and spectacle, all while being the best friend of high-definition TV cameras. Think about it – those heart-pounding night races wouldn’t be the same without them.

And who’s their trusty sidekick? None other than Signify, their long-term lighting partner. Together, they’re rewriting the rules, turning the spotlight on LED systems. These bad boys slash energy consumption by a staggering 30% compared to old-school metal-halide bulbs. That’s a massive carbon footprint reduction, right there.

But there’s more. These LED champs cut CO2 emissions and give mercury, the villain of the environmental story, a swift kick out of the script.

Thus, the Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2023 is getting a power-up, and it’s a sustainable one. The Race Track Lighting system, powered by cutting-edge LEDs, promises lower energy consumption. This isn’t just about performance; it’s about creating a greener footprint without compromising that adrenaline rush.

They tested their creation on the racecourses of the Formula E-Prix in Diriyah and the Formula E event in London. And now, they’re ready to weave their magic on the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Let’s talk numbers, shall we? These LEDs are efficiency wizards. They need just 1,305 watts each, while those old floodlights were guzzling down a staggering 2,040 watts each. And the best part? They’re not compromising on brightness. Night races remain as stunning as ever, with a bonus – these new LEDs are more durable, with a lifespan of up to 100,000 burning hours. That’s like having a thousand movie nights without changing a bulb.

But here’s the star of the show: the discarded floodlights aren’t fading into oblivion. Nope, they’re getting a new gig as art pieces. Dino Zoli Foundation, the guardian of Italian culture, is spearheading a movement. They’re turning old floodlights into a canvas for local artists. It’s like a symphony of sustainability and art.

Under the spotlight of ‘A Project of Art in the Night Race. The New Life of the Floodlights.’; these discarded heroes will shine again, this time as art pieces. The exhibition, curated by Nadia Stefanel of Dino Zoli Foundation, showcases 10 talented artists like Anuska Sakar and Chok Si Xuan, creating masterpieces that celebrate sustainability and creativity.

It’s a story of collaboration, where the Embassy of Italy, EuroCham, and the Italian Chamber of Commerce are playing crucial roles. It’s not just an art show; it’s a testament to how motorsport and environmental consciousness can dance hand in hand.

If you would like to check out this exhibition for yourself, details are right below:

exhibition information.

Dates: 13 September to 19 September 2023*
Opening Hours: 10 am to 8 pm
Location: The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429
Admission: Free

*The vernissage night on 13 September 2023 will be held exclusively for authorities, sponsors, and VIP guests.

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Ignition Labs' resident editor loves all things retro, even though he was born in the late 90s. His main job encompasses tons of driving (and a massive carbon footprint), but he swears he turns off the lights each time he leaves his room.

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