first Volvo electric trucks delivered in taiwan.

Volvo Trucks just pulled off an electrifying feat, handing over their very first electric truck to WRC Pacific.

WRC is a heavyweight name in the environmental realm and Taiwan’s biggest metal sludge recycling and treatment facility. These folks aren’t just about recycling; they’re also committed to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices.

Peter T. Halpin, the CEO and chairman of WRC, said, “WRC is honored to collaborate with Volvo Trucks and Taikoo Commercial Vehicles to acquire the first Volvo FE electric truck in Taiwan.”

Willy Chen, General Manager of Taikoo Commercial Vehicles, also chimed in, “Electric vehicles, ESG practices, environmental protection, and sustainable development are now integral to everyday corporate operations. Volvo Trucks has developed the most environmentally friendly and technologically advanced electric trucks.”

“Taikoo Commercial Vehicles not only strives to keep Taiwan in sync with the world but also provides customers with total solutions for the short, medium, and long term. With a strong professional service team and customer-oriented approach, we are a reliable support for businesses during their operations and transformation.”

Volvo Trucks has curated a bunch of electric options to fit every industry’s needs too. The Volvo FE, even standing at 18.5-tonnes, is an electric wonder with zero emissions. The battery’s no slouch either; it’s got a 42% boost in capacity, stretching the driving range to 300 kilometres. And get this, a DC charger can pump up the battery to 80% in just 90 minutes. 

Anna Engblom, the head honcho at Volvo Trucks SEA & Japan, added that “Although it’s a great beginning, it’s merely the start of something larger. We’re simply laying the groundwork for a significant increase in the sales of electric vehicles. Over the next five years, we want to quickly raise the volume of our products.”

Volvo Trucks have already aced the toughest European crash tests, ensuring fiery surprises are off the menu. Taikoo Commercial Vehicles is also adding in Electric Range Simulators (ERS), which can help to calculate routes, energy, and charging needs.

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Sean Loo

Ignition Labs' resident editor loves all things retro, even though he was born in the late 90s. His main job encompasses tons of driving (and a massive carbon footprint), but he swears he turns off the lights each time he leaves his room.

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