a first look into H&M Orchard’s sustainable, revamped flagship store.

h&m flagship store orchard

Love shopping? H&M is reopening their revamped flagship store this August!

A few brands make up the internet-coined “Singapore uniform” – and one of them is H&M! Known as one of Singapore’s best destinations for fast-fashion retail clothing, H&M has at least 8 outlets all over Singapore. Its flagship store, located at the Orchard Building, has been undergoing renovations for the past 5 months. This 24 August 2023 however, it is set to unveil a first-of-its-kind store facade in Southeast Asia made with breakthrough i-Mesh textile, said to bring sustainability to the forefront of the outlet! 

a break from the city hubbub. 

H&M flagship store

With the goal to provide a memorable store experience to customers, H&M has designed a new store that will allow shoppers to escape from Singapore’s hectic daily life. 

Built with soft, muted colours and sharp floor fixtures, the new outlet creates an inviting and warm space for all. Every wall and floor has been designed to offer customers a new and curated experience each time they visit the store. 

Technology has also become the heart of the shopping experience, with screens installed across the outlet to create a stylish and fun environment. Kids and parents will also be able to play and learn with QR codes that lead them to a vibrant AR world, where they can play games to become a recycling hero and learn about H&M’s garment collecting programmes.

Besides family-friendly features, the Orchard outlet will also have an open lounge area in the Ladies’ and Divided sections, serving as a rest area for shoppers to connect and enjoy fashion, lifestyle, and sustainability-related activities. 

The result of these efforts? An ever-evolving space, providing customers with fresh fashion inspirations with every visit. 

Southeast Asia’s first-of-its-kind i-Mesh facade.

H&M flagship store

Conceptualised and designed by RSP Architects, H&M further incorporates sustainability into its outlet with the new i-Mesh, a sustainable and customisable textile that is made of high-performance fibres.

Unlike conventional fabrics, i-Mesh creates zero waste. Where conventional fabrics generate substantial amounts of waste during the process of converting fabric into a panel, i-Mesh produces zero wash as it is produced exactly in the shape and pattern desired. Plus, since it is made of only fibre and resin, i-Mesh textiles can be easily separated and reused at the end of their life.

The mesh will act as an dynamic interface, through which H&M can curate and present their new brand experience. At night, the Veil becomes a dynamic membrane, previewing vibrant colours and customisable lighting effects to create exciting new looks and experiences. 

opening 24 august 2023. 

The revamped flagship store is set to open at 10am on the 24th of August 2023. However, while several areas will still be undergoing upgrading, shoppers can still enjoy parts of the new space that have already been renovated into the new look. H&M Members can also enjoy the exclusive pre-sale happening from 9-10am and special promotions through the weekend! 

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