Geneco celebrates Singapore’s 58th birthday with REFASH, Therapeutic Gardens and more.

Discover mental wellness, happiness, and sustainability this National Day in Geneco’s most recent campaign launch, #MySecretGarden, targeted at raising awareness about Singapore’s therapeutic gardens and their positive impact on our mental health. 

We’re only a month away from one of Singapore’s biggest celebrations, and Geneco’s pulling out all the stops. Part of its brand purpose to #PowerTheChange, Geneco celebrates a better future on Singapore’s social and sustainability fronts this National Day! The No.1 Residential Electricity Retailer in Singapore has announced the launch of their #MySecretGarden campaign, raising awareness about Singapore’s abundant green spaces and their positive impact on mental wellness. 

From influencers and art galleries to thrift stores and limited edition tote bags, we’re definitely making sure we won’t out on the fun. 

bringing gardens to life with Daryl Aiden Yow.

If you’ve never heard of Singapore’s Therapeutic Gardens, you’re missing out. Designed to meet the physical, psychological and social needs of park users, Singapore’s Therapeutic Gardens incorporate design principles that bring about optimal restorative benefits for visitors – from stress relief and improved mental well-being to positive effects on brain activity, blood pressure, mental health, physical activity, and sleep.

This year, Geneco is working with popular influencer photographer Daryl Aiden Yow to bring these gardens to life, through the lens of Daryl’s unique perspective. Having had to confront his own mental health struggles after facing public backlash in 2018, this project is especially close to heart for the influencer. 

“It’s a tremendous privilege to partner with Geneco to shed light on the incredible healing power of nature. Having personally confronted my own mental health struggles, this campaign holds a profound significance for me and I am glad to be able to join Geneco in their journey by using my photography and editing skills to capture the essence of Singapore’s Therapeutic Gardens and inspire the nation to embark on their own transformative journeys amidst nature’s embrace,” shared Daryl when asked about his thoughts on the campaign.

Especially known for his ethereal photography style, Daryl has produced nine photographs that display the beauty and tranquillity of Singapore’s Therapeutic Gardens. So if you’re interested in getting to know more about these precious, hidden green spaces in Singapore, be sure to check them out!

Geneco will be holding a photo gallery featuring the photographs at Funan, Basement 2, from 17th – 23rd July. Explore the carefully curated exhibition and be transported into a world of serenity, where you can find solace and inspiration amidst a bustling cityscape. Who knows? You might leave with a renewed appreciation for Therapeutic Gardens’ restorative powers! 

While you’re there, you may also want to vote for your favourite photographs. Every voter receives a set of limited-edition postcards, each featuring a scenic photograph of the nine Therapeutic Gardens captured by Daryl, with lesser-known facts about each of the gardens, and a Sprout plantable pencil! If you vote over the weekend from 3pm to 6pm, you might also get a chance to receive the Geneco Green Starter Kit. 

Alternatively, you can browse and vote for your favourite images through the campaign’s website starting from 1 July. And at the end of the campaign, five winners will be randomly picked to win $100 worth of eCapitaVouchers. 

limited edition tote bags with REFASH. 

In celebration of Singapore’s 58th birthday and to commemorate Plastic Free July, Geneco has also partnered with REFASH to distribute 5,800 tote bags featuring each of the top 3 voted photos from Daryl from 9 August 2023 onward. So just head down to get a tote bag (available with every purchase)! With how aesthetic these tote bags are, you may never feel the need to use a plastic bag again. 😉

In line with the voting contest happening in July, REFASH will also display a pop-up photo gallery installation featuring photographs of the nine Therapeutic Gardens at the selected REFASH outlets. So if you’re heading down for some thrift shopping at REFASH, you can now also participate in the voting contest directly at REFASH’s outlets. Just scan the QR code available at these galleries to receive a set of postcards!  

garden city loving. 

In addition to the galleries and giveaways, Geneco will also be donating $10,000 to the Garden City Fund,  a registered charity and IPC established by NParks, once they reach 10,000 votes. This donation will support Therapeutic Horticulture Programmes that allows 6 to 9 community beneficiary groups to participate in the programme that uses plants and nature-related activities to fully immerse participants in the benefits of a Therapeutic Garden.

So if you haven’t made plans for your weekends this July, now you’ve got some! From Therapeutic Gardens and art galleries to free tote bags, there’s quite a lot to check out. So be sure to join Geneco this National Day as they continue to #PowerTheChange starting from within. For more information about the campaign and upcoming events, visit

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