gearing up for Singapore EVE Tech Asia 2023.

EVE Tech Asia 2023 (Electric Vehicle & Environmental Tech Asia) is gearing up to host its highly anticipated event.

With the venue set for Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from 22 – 24 November 2023, EVE Tech Asia 2023 is set to be the ultimate gathering for electric vehicle and environment technology enthusiasts, manufacturers, buyers, and industry leaders. 

The event will serve as a dynamic platform for fostering connections, knowledge sharing, and industry advancements. Here are some of the highlights:

fastest growing era of electric 2 and 3-wheelers in Southeast Asia.

The event will bring together leading electric two and three wheelers manufacturers. Exhibitors and attendees can explore the latest models, innovations and technologies from renowned electric vehicle companies.

With an aim to empower the electric 2 and 3-wheeler market in Southeast Asia, attendees will be equipped with the necessary tools and insights needed to navigate our rapidly changing digital landscape as well as chart the future of e-bike mobility technology.

swappable battery technology.

Swappable battery technology is a hot topic in today’s EV landscape, and this event will showcase cutting-edge solutions from global battery manufacturers, highlighting the benefits and potential of swappable battery systems in the Southeast Asian region.

mobility moonshot award for startups.

Recognizing the pioneering spirit of startups in the e-mobility sector, EVE Tech Asia 2023 will play host to the newly coined Mobility Moonshot Award.

Startups with groundbreaking ideas and innovations can present their projects to a panel of judges and network with prominent investors and industry experts.

EV & battery tech conferences led by industry experts.

Insightful keynote presentations, interactive panel discussions, engaging workshops and exhibitions by global leaders will be at the event, hailing from over 30 countries.

For more information and registration, please visit EVE Tech Show’s website here

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