Bentley Environmental Foundation – an initiative to drive global sustainability initiatives.

Bentley has made an exciting announcement with the launch of the Bentley Environmental Foundation.

This bold initiative is a testament to Bentley’s long-standing commitment to global sustainability efforts and aligns with their Beyond100 strategy, which aims to go beyond carbon neutrality and address environmental challenges head-on.

With esteemed partners like Project Drawdown, The Biomimicry Institute, and Sustainable Surf on board, the foundation sets out to drive positive change and pave the way for next-generation solutions.

The Bentley Environmental Foundation takes a unique and innovative approach to grant-making in the environmental realm. Its focus lies in accelerating decarbonization, supporting environmental pioneers, and reimagining sustainable luxury.

By carefully selecting charities and non-profit organizations, Bentley aims to collaborate with its partners to achieve effective and enduring environmental change.

Supported by an initial donation of £3 million from Bentley, the launch of the Bentley Environmental Foundation is poised to make a substantial impact. This funding enables the foundation to support carefully chosen charities and non-profit organizations working hand-in-hand with Bentley to drive effective environmental change.

The foundation’s three-pronged grant-making approach focuses on rejuvenation, regeneration, and sustainable luxury, with the aim of creating a lasting positive impact.

Christoph Hohmann, Head of Global Brand Communications at Bentley, expresses great enthusiasm for the foundation’s launch partners, emphasizing the brand’s collaborative nature and its dedication to long-term project impact for the benefit of our planet.

This collaboration will also help elevate the scientific rigor of philanthropic and investment portfolios worldwide, leading to increased investments in effective climate solutions. Thanks to the Bentley Environmental Foundation’s founding investment, a program is being built to influence billions of dollars in climate investments, accelerating effective climate action on a global scale.

The unveiling of the Bentley Environmental Foundation aptly coincides with the recent introduction of the Bentley Sustainability Council. This council, comprising a team of global experts, plays a crucial role in challenging and supporting Bentley as it strives for sustainability excellence as outlined in its Beyond100 strategy.

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