7 underrated plant shops in Singapore to breathe life into your living space. 

Looking to enliven and brighten your living spaces with greenery? These are the best plant shops and nurseries in Singapore to get your green thumb stash. 

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If you’re looking to add a splash of warmth to your home, or cultivate your green thumb, indoor plants are the best way to go about it. Just think about it – a little touch of greenery goes a long way! It brightens our living areas, clears the air, and adds a touch of life to an otherwise plain space. Plus, they’re pretty easy to care for too! 

So if you’re planning to bring your home some natural cheer, you’re in the right place. These plant shops and nurseries in Singapore are the best places to get indoor plants for your home! 

1. Littlebotany 

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Image by @littlebotany on Instagram 

If you’re a beginner, we highly recommend checking out Littlebotany. Littlebotany’s vibes are cosy, chill, and welcoming! Having built a little community of its own of plant enthusiasts, every visitor and staff are always happy to lend you a helping hand. So if you’re new to the hobby, or just want to try out plants for the first time, Littlebotany is the place to go. 

They’ve got both easy-to-care-for plants and even rarer species that will tickle any plant enthusiast’s fancy, so you’re definitely getting a good range! The space is also well-known for sustainable practices – from their secondhand racks to recycle pots, and even the paper bags that you take your plants home in. 

The best part? They’ve got outlets in both the east and west so it’s convenient for you to check them out wherever you are! 

2. Rayne or Shine 

plant nursery singapore rayne or shine
Image by @rayneorshine.sg on Instagram

While you’re in Littlebotany, be sure to check out Rayne or Shine – they’ve carved out a space in Littlebotany’s Punggol outlet and they’ve got the cutest succulents for those looking for easy to care for greenery! 

And if you’re looking to learn to care for the plants, Rayne or Shine’s walk-in workshops might just be up your alley. Choose from a wide range of pots and have a go at their Succulent Buffet, before creating an arrangement of your own with your chosen succulents! Rayne or Shine also does private workshops, birthday parties, and more, so be sure to check them out if you’re looking for something fun to do with your colleagues or kids. 

PS. They also have an outlet in the west! 😉

3. The Nursery Singapore 

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Image by @thenursery.sg on Instagram

A little plant escape where you might least expect it! The Nursery Singapore’s plant boutique can be found at 326 King George’s Avenue, a little greenery haven in the midst of quiet office buildings and HDBs. They’ve got a wide range of potted plants here, all perfect to spruce up an indoor space with pots of all colours and greenery! 

The Nursery has also recently launched their BESPOKE brand, a plant styling service, where experts specially curate unique environments for your office, home, or special space in an aesthetically pleasing but functional way. 

4. Succulent Succulents 

plant shop singapore succulent succulents
Image by @thesucculentsucclents on Instagram

Looking for gorgeous succulents to add to your collection? Succulent Succulent’s succulent (haha) collection is an incredibly underrated treasure trove of rare varieties and gorgeous colours, with beautiful pots to match! Head down to discover Haworthias, Echeverias, and more in this special collection! 

5. BLG Nursery

plant nursery singapore blg nursery
Image by @blg.nursery on Instagram

Looking for a larger nursery for more variety? BLG Nursery is the place to be! Located in Punggol, this nursery serves as a one-stop garden centre for all in the east. Have your pick of Begonias, Orchids, Monsteras and more!

6. Rabbit Island

plant shop rabbit island singapore
Image by @rabbitislandsingapore on Instagram

It doesn’t matter if you’re a serious or casual plant collector – Rabbit Island’s variety of rare and common succulents and indoor household plants are perfect for anyone looking to brighten up their space! 

Drop by if you’re looking to be spoiled for choice. From foliage and succulents to even dried cuts and pet-friendly plants, Rabbit Island has them all. 

7. World Farm

plant nursery world farm singapore
Image by @worldfarmsg on Instagram

And last but not least, we have World Farm! A plant enthusiast’s playground, World Farm is one of the biggest nurseries in Singapore. They boast a range of over 3000 to 5000 unique plant species, along with garden supplies, gardening tools, packet seeds, and more. Basically everything you need to start your gardening journey!

This list is far from exhaustive – there are loads of plant shops in Singapore we’ve yet to consider. But if you’re looking for an easy and beginner-friendly way to liven up your living space, these are some of the ones that might just have the indoor plants you’re looking for! 

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