a fashion world with zero waste? paving the way with Make O. 

Make O is a design-led circular initiative by GINLEE Studio.

And it aims to promote sustainability and reduce waste in the fashion industry. With a focus on circular production, GINLEE Studio invites customers to participate in four unique experiences that transform unused fabrics into reimagined products, aligning with the principles of the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

Founded in 2011, GINLEE Studio stands apart in a world of fast fashion, prioritizing the art of design and a mindful approach to garment creation. With backgrounds in Fashion and Industrial design, founders Gin Lee and Tamir Niv’s passion lies in crafting wearable pieces of art that marry aesthetic appeal with functionality. 

Recognising the urgency of textile waste in the fashion industry, the studio aims to divert them from landfills by extending their lifespan and value. “In addition to producing apparel on demand to cater to what we truly need, we want to use design to extend the value of unwanted items and cultivate the mindset to reduce waste whenever possible,” Gin Lee explains. 

This culminated in _///\ake O (Make O), a manifestation of the transformative power of purposeful and thoughtful design. As one of the pioneering studios promoting circularity in Singapore, GINLEE Studio employs off-cuts, repair techniques, and upcycling methods to create four distinct experiences that exemplify a responsible and conscientious approach to fashion.

These experiences empower customers to unleash their creativity and actively contribute to the circular production process while appreciating the innovative design journey.

Beyond individual participation, GINLEE Studio also offers corporate tours, inviting organisations to witness the magic of circular fashion firsthand. By transforming their unwanted materials into functional products, participants gain insights into the potential of circular design and thus contribute to a more sustainable future.

In addition to the _///\ake O initiative, GINLEE Studio has introduced other measures to control supply and demand and facilitate on-demand production. One such example is their new Get Order on Demand (G.O.O.D) initiative, encouraging customers to pre-order their pieces, which are then fulfilled within 3 to 5 weeks. As an incentive for choosing this sustainable option, customers receive a 15% discount on their orders.

Furthermore, the _///\ake (short for MAKE in Shop) initiative offers customers the opportunity to create and pre-order their own pleated bags, tops, and scarves in-store, with on-the-spot production. To experience the _///\ake O journey, appointments can be made at Raffles City and the National Design Centre.

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