One Puram: inspiring fashion that cares for nature and you. 

Today, we move beyond fast fashion and into something a little greener. Meet One Puram – a chic, stylish, sustainable fashion brand that cares for nature as much as it cares for you. 

For some of us, fashion isn’t a choice, it’s a way of life. Trust me, I know. Paying for that one new skirt from Uniqlo gets me giddy. A pick me up, the daily combat uniform, call it what you will – but dressing well never misses. It’s a feel good all around no matter what you’re doing. 

But beyond the usual fast fashion brands that call our little shopping paradise home, sustainable fashion brands are making their way into our hearts. A call for something more enduring, less harmful. 

Cue One Puram, a fashion brand from Bali that makes sustainability its playground, sending a message that going green in fashion still means style. The label is focused on two key goals: eco-conscious fashion which gives back to the environment and style which begets self-empowerment.

sustainable, fashionable, and self-empowering.

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Confidence comes from both style and within. And One Puram’s mission is to build self-empowerment through fashion. Each of One Puram’s designs work in tandem with breathable fibres, providing wearers with apparel perfect for Southeast Asia’s tropical weather. It’s even crafted with strategic slits that keep their pieces airy and cooling! So if you’re looking to survive the Singapore heat, it might just be the best time to ditch our standard plain tee uniforms for something a little more inspired. 

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One Puram’s 2021 debut collection, Bali Dusk, was created with the beautiful shades of Bali’s sunsets in mind. With each piece reinforcing One Puram’s desire to exude in individuality through fashion, the focus of this collection was on the drape and weight of the fabric, while ensuring the designs flattered every body type (regardless body shape, size, or insecurities) through light yet form fitting lines that allowed one’s individuality to shine. Inclusivity and sustainability in one label – we’re hitting all the green flags with One Puram.

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In the same vein, their womenswear collection, Para-sol, celebrates individuality by boasting bolder and more vivid colours, with prints inspired by parasols. An extremely personal collection to the Founder and Designer, Nabilah, Para-sol hopes to mirror confidence in every wearer, honouring the journey of overcoming adversity and reconnecting with oneself. 

Emotions taking form in this bright collection, Para-sol also symbolises the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and the celebration of life, drawing from Nabilah’s emotional struggles as a new mum, and the relief of a healthy son after initial medical strife. A representation of Nabilah’s journey reconnecting with herself after going through a difficult pregnancy and post-partum period.

fashion that gives back.

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A play on the words ‘puro’ and ‘gram’, which translate to ‘whole’ and ‘village’ respectively, One Puram is a nod to the brand’s close relationships with a family-run workshop that supports the local community. 

Beyond sourcing local, One Puram employs ex-hospitality employees who lost their jobs during the pandemic, training them to be sewers and tailors. The sustainable fashion label also engages with organisations like One Tree Planted, committing to having two trees planted for every garment sold, helping to combat the deforestation of Indonesia’s rainforests.

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And if that didn’t hit the sustainable nail on the head just yet, each piece from One Puram’s collections are only available in small quantities to avoid overproduction. 

Specially made in Bali through an amalgamation of conscious practices, One Puram’s fabric, packaging materials, and shell buttons are all sourced from within Indonesia to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the brand’s manufacturing process. This also helps to support local communities, and reduces the reliance on mass-production.

The best part? The use of ocean-bound reusable PollasticTM shipping bags from Better Packaging and Kraft paper hang tags allows excess waste to be mitigated. At the same time, the minimalism of the packaging keeps shipping costs globally low and free for Singaporean customers. (Yay!)

pieces are almost sold out.

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Having been founded on two main principles: sustainability and stylish self-empowerment, the brand’s conscientious efforts to reduce harmful production practices while remaining inclusive to every body type and tropical climate has seen fruit. On their site, classic pieces like the Avery Shirt and Santai Pant have already sold out. So if their gorgeous statement pieces are just your style, you might want to hurry over. 

From sourcing low-impact materials locally to using only natural fibres and minimalistic, eco-friendly packaging, One Puram is a testament to the fact that style and sustainability can co-exist.  

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