#WeGotThis – youth ideas on sustainability that come to life.

WWF-Singapore and Temasek Foundation launched the #WeGotThis programme to inspire youths further to take action on sustainability-related causes they feel passionate about. 

Over 2 in 5 youths are interested in Global Warming and Environmental Issues, causing it to be the third most important social issue among youths. One in two respondents from the TODAY Youth Survey 2022 were actively taking steps to combat climate change.

It is incredibly clear that youths are deeply passionate about topics relating to the environment. Be it from trying to live a sustainable lifestyle, or playing a role in environmental conservation, a lot of thought is placed into it. Using reusable bags and cups, walking instead of driving, or even sharing infographics on social media – these are only a few examples of the actions youths take to highlight their passion for the environment. 

what is #WeGotThis?

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WWF-Singapore and Temasek Foundation have come together to present #WeGotThis, a global youth sustainability incubator programme, for the third year running. Designed for youths aged 18-30, it is aimed to advance and accelerate the sustainability efforts of youths. This is done through equipping participants with the right skills and knowledge to lead meaningful digital advocacy campaigns on sustainability. Importantly, this means making full use of social media to create a strong impact in the ever-evolving and increasingly important field of sustainability. 

This comes after the success of #WeGotThis over the last two years, when it was first launched in 2021. The programme has managed to inspire over 1,600 youths, enabling more than 60 successful social media campaigns to take root.

it’s bigger and better.

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2023 comes with new changes as well. This year’s rendition of #WeGotThis will feature an in-person campaign clinic in Singapore for all Singapore-based and ASEAN youths. And good news if you’re not based in or near Singapore – there will also be a virtual festival for participants from all over the world. 

Held on 24th and 25th June 2023, the two-day virtual festival will feature expert speakers sharing their learnings on advocating for sustainability issues, as well what they’ve learnt about digital communications and community-building. Your location certainly won’t be an obstacle if you’re interested in the #WeGotThis Fest, which will act as a great way to start things off!

a breakdown of #WeGotThis.

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So what exactly does the programme consist of? It’s made up of two parts: the first consists of a three-day in-person campaign clinic, whereas the second part is a ten-week incubator period. The following themes will be focused on: circular economy, net zero, biodiversity and sustainable finance.

1. campaign clinic.

The campaign clinic will have up to 90 Singapore or ASEAN-based youths attend talks, and participate in group discussions and brainstorming sessions. As a result, the participants’ social media campaigns will be nurtured to be as launch ready as possible. 

Taking place from 1st to 3rd September 2023, there will be an exchange of ideas between the youths, ensuring that participants have a holistic understanding of sustainability issues that people throughout the region will face. The clinic follows a practicum-based pedagogy where ideation exercises, daily deliverables and proposals alongside personalised consultation with experts on campaign feasibility will be introduced.

2. incubator period.

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For the second part of the programme, industry professionals will be present to mentor youths and pilot their campaign ideas in real-life, ensuring that all wrinkles are ironed out. The ten-week incubator period, between 4th September to 10th November 2023, enables participants to gain tailored guidance from experts in the fields of sustainability, digital marketing and community building. 

A more holistic experience is guaranteed as participants learn how to troubleshoot their campaign messages, improve their science communication and build a community-led initiative on the sustainability issue of their choice. 

At the end of the entire programme, participants can walk away with the necessary skills to build a digital following, influence peers and the larger community, as well as to drive ground-up change via their own social media platforms.

previous campaigns.

image from We Got This on Facebook.

From tackling waste from beauty and personal care products to creating spaces that encourage people to have honest conversations about the climate crisis and their collective experience, there are a variety of campaigns and causes that previous participants have come up with. If you’re curious about the projects of previous participants, make sure to check out their site for a sneak peek!

Jodie Teresa Monteiro, one of the winners of Best Creative campaigns from #WeGotThis Class of 2022 highlights her experience: “My experience with #WeGotThis helped me to realise that there are so many facets of sustainability to explore that can potentially add more value to my campaign. Instead of just focusing on one aspect of sustainability, it widened my perspective on various issues and allowed me to have a more comprehensive understanding of how I can use my campaign to drive a bigger and deeper impact. I especially found it useful to have a mentor who was willing to help me figure out the direction I wanted to drive with my campaign, and one who gave me practical tips and advice on how to proceed wisely.” 

She is now working as a Community Engagement Assistant with WWF-Singapore on #WeGotThis Class of 2023 programme.

If you’re interested in signing up for #WeGotThis this year, find out more at wwf.sg/wegotthis/.

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