smartify your home with instant heaters and WIFI electric storage heaters from Ariston.

Ariston has recently introduced an upgraded range of its heaters, designed specially to fit perfectly into Singaporean homes.

Since 2016, Ariston’s AURES range are equipped with Constant Temperature (CT) technology and is the first to be officially certified by PSB Singapore to have energy-saving ratings of up to 25%. 

technologically-savvy instant heaters.

The sensors and newly developed software allow the heater to measure both the temperature and flow of inlet water. It also adjusts the heating power to deliver the best electric instant water comfort for the user, while maintaining constant hot water temperature.

For safety, these heaters are also equipped with Earth-Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB). 

If a dangerous electric leakage is detected, the built-in double pole ELCB will interrupt the electrical circuit, avoiding the risk of potentially fatal electric shocks.

The heaters even come with safety LEDs. When power is connected, Ariston AURES range proactively scans components to ensure correct and safe operation. If all parameters are functioning properly, the Safety Check lamp will remain blue. A blinking light would indicate a possible fault in the system.

Got multiple members in your family? The Aures Top has a memory function that is able to store 3 separate temperature settings. Just a simple button press would enable different users to enjoy the shower temperature that they prefer.

Accidentally scalding yourself is also a thing of the past, thanks to a temperature lock feature that interrupts the heating cycle when the preset temperature is reached, reducing the risk of scalding when users turn on the shower. 

WIFI storage heaters.

Ariston is also the only brand in Singapore to have a full range of WI-FI electric storage water heaters, now with added voice-control functions.

The new range is integrated with well-known smart home platforms: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling convenient connectivity. Users can now easily turn on/off their water heater, adjust water temperature and receive information about the current temperature via voice commands, or via the Ariston NET app. 

The app also helps to identify technical problems and get them fixed as quickly as possible. Users can find fault information without any additional effort, as error codes and descriptions will be displayed. Using this information, users can request technical assistance or details of the nearest service centre. 

where can I buy one?

The Ariston AURES range will be available at all authorised dealers from May 2023, retailing from $139. The WI-FI heater storage range is available now at all authorised dealers from $399, with the exception of the Andris Lux WI-FI, which will be available in Singapore from June 2023. 

Download Ariston NET on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today! 

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