using used cooking oil to power trucks?

The future is already on the Autobahn, and it could lie in your home’s cooking oil.

Somewhere in Germany, four trucks are currently plying a 120km stretch of road. They are operated by Guggemos (GV Trucknet), and their green stickers loudly proclaim their eco-credentials: “Ich tanke HVO100, um CO2 -Emissionen zu senken” (“I tank with HVO100 to save CO2 emissions”).

Delivering supplies, the trucks have been running on renewable HVO100 diesel since December 2022. It’s all part of a one-year pilot programme to trial this new fuel concoction.

so what is HVO?

HVO stands for ‘hydrotreated vegetable oil’, and the ‘100’ in the name of the fuel confirms that conventional diesel vehicles can tank 100 per cent with this pure renewable fuel.

HVO100 is made from various waste products, residues and renewable raw materials, including used cooking oil. Compared with fossil diesel, it produces up to 90 per cent less CO2 well-to-wheel.

There is one slight downside though – on average, fuel consumption is about 3 per cent higher with HVO100, but the trucks currently piloting the fuel are expected to emit up to 800 tonnes less CO2 a year than they would with conventional diesel.

moving forward with sustainability.

The HVO100 pilot project is the next step in the BMW Group’s Green Transport Logistics Strategy – an integral part of the BMW iFACTORY.

Michael Nikolaides, Head of BMW Group Production Network and Logistics, is convinced: “Every gram of CO2 we can save helps. We continue to reduce the carbon footprint from our transport and supply chains through a variety of measures.”

By variety, the BMW Group already uses electric and gas-powered trucks at various sites, and at the Hydrogen Competence Centre in Leipzig, floor conveyors are fuelled with hydrogen for everyday operations.

HVO100 is another innovation that the company is extremely keen on. This is due to the fact that vehicles and engines require no modifications to run on this eco-friendly fuel, and HVO can be used pure or mixed with fossil fuel in any ratio. It can also be supplied via existing fuel station infrastructure, eliminating the need to create new dedicated sites.

Will you see this fuel at your local fuel station soon? Unlikely, as its still on trials. But, initiatives like these are always welcome, as they help keep the automotive world moving.

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Sean Loo

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