Cycle & Carriage partners with Foodpanda and Gogoro on electric two-wheel EV battery pilot in Singapore.

The first-of-its-kind collaboration with Gogoro and Foodpanda accelerates push to a greener and more sustainable future, focused on the adoption of sustainable mobility in last mile deliveries in Singapore. 

Gogoro Inc. and Cycle & Carriage Singapore (C&C) recently announced a partnership with food delivery platform Foodpanda. The partnership would launch a battery swapping pilot that will support smart electric two-wheel (or motorcycles) vehicles for last mile deliveries in Singapore.

The partnership is a follow up to a Singapore Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) announcement last year, stating that it awarded Gogoro and C&C with a battery swapping sandbox pilot for electric two-wheel vehicles.

Announced back in September 2022, Gogoro and C&C introduced a more efficient approach to electric refueling using Gogoro’s six-second Swap & Go battery swapping stations. The addition of Foodpanda as a partner allows for the trial of Gogoro’s Smartscooters to conduct last-mile deliveries. Insights from the trial will be used to guide next steps to accelerate the adoption of sustainable mobility, as Singapore moves towards a transportation system using cleaner and more sustainable energy.

“With more than 26 percent of all daily quick deliveries in Taiwan enabled by Gogoro battery swapping, I am excited to be introducing our battery swapping and vehicle technologies in Singapore with two market-leading partners like Cycle & Carriage Singapore and foodpanda,” said Horace Luke, founder, and CEO of Gogoro. “Cities like Singapore are at an inflection point of sustainability and are beginning to embrace sustainable transportation in new impactful ways. On average, last mile delivery riders ride more than six-times the distance as consumer riders, so enabling these delivery riders to adopt smart sustainable electric transportation can have an accelerated impact on a city.” 

Gogoro Smartscooter Pilot.

Gogoro’s new Smartscooters offer six-second battery swapping that is safe, reliable, and always available, as opposed to tethered electric charging that still requires dedicated parking and charge time that reduces rider availability and income.

The Gogoro ecosystem combines optimisation and reliability for businesses, enabling logistics companies to better manage their fleets and deliveries more efficiently. Additionally, Gogoro battery swapping is optimized for cities with limited and expensive real estate, enabling logistics platforms and riders to achieve higher delivery efficiency and revenue. 

The pilot entails C&C leasing Gogoro 2 Series Smartscooters to Foodpanda riders. The Gogoro 2, which has an estimated range of up to 100km, is optimized for a smoother and more premium urban riding experience which seamlessly integrates with Gogoro battery swapping.

Riders can swap out depleted batteries for new ones in seconds at battery swapping stations, eliminating vehicle battery charging downtime and the need for parking, thus not compromising earnings potential for riders. 

The C&C leasing package for riders also includes battery swapping services, as well as service and maintenance cost. This makes it a competitive alternative to motorcycles with internal combustion engines (ICEs) where riders tend to face the unpredictability of petrol prices and maintenance costs.

Optimised for rider convenience, riders will initially be able to swap their batteries at two battery swapping stations located at C&C’s Service Centers at Alexandra and Ubi, with the service and maintenance centre also located at the Alexandra complex. 

Sustainable mobility in line with Singapore’s Green Plan 2030

C&C is constantly looking for sustainable mobility solutions that are in line with Singapore’s Green Plan 2030, and the partnership with Gogoro exemplifies this. 

With a strong delivery fleet of thousands of riders, foodpanda also recognizes the key role it can play in furthering the sustainability agenda in the delivery industry through the introduction of feasible, practical ways for their riders to choose eco-friendly options.  

“A sustainable future is one where we are all mindful of our actions and to achieve that, our individual efforts matter. At foodpanda, we have been working to make eco-friendlier vehicle options an affordable and practical choice for our riders, and are proud to report that to-date, over 50 percent of our riders conduct deliveries on greener transportation such as e-bikes and bicycles.” said Lawrence Wen, CEO of foodpanda Singapore.

“We’re excited to explore more ways for our riders to be sustainable with this partnership with C&C and Gogoro, and to continue to set the standard for sustainable practices in the delivery industry as we move towards Singapore’s vision of having all vehicles be powered by cleaner energy by 2040”.

looking into the future.

C&C is optimistic about the outlook of sustainable mobility solutions and looks forward to the commercialisation of Gogoro electric two-wheelers upon successful completion of the pilot.

C&C is also seeking like-minded partners to scale up the Gogoro fleet and battery swapping stations in Singapore and beyond.

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