Epson’s new EcoTank Printers and Home Projectors bring your vision to life.

Epson recently announced the expansion of its EcoTank printers and home projector range, which aims to provide efficient and eco-friendly solutions to the general public.

The new range of printers, comprising the L3550, L5590, L8050, and L18050 models, aims to provide efficient and affordable alternatives to laser printing by incorporating innovative solutions to produce superior-quality printouts. 

eco-friendly EcoTank.

The EcoTank L3550 and L5590 model printers boast higher printing speeds and greater durability, and their small proportions are specifically designed for home and office settings.

With slightly bigger proportions, the L8050 A4 Photo Ink Tank Printer and the L18050 A3+ WiFi Photo Ink Tank Printer are two of the newest additions to the EcoTank series, built to push the boundaries of the photo printing industry.

Best of all, all of these printers are encapsulated into compact design profiles. This is in part due to Epson’s Heat-Free Technology which removes heat from the ink ejection process, resulting in printers that consume less power compared to other laser printers in the market.

And the numbers for more efficient printers do not lie too.

In a GfK Asia survey, 1 of 2,864 business printer users in Southeast Asia, the results showed that 98% prefer Epson EcoTank printers for business. In Singapore, consumers cite sustainable technology, superior quality printouts and low running cost as the top factors when considering investing in a printer.

“This survey assures us that we are moving in the right direction as a company,” said Mr Derek Tan, Head of Sales and Marketing at Epson Singapore. “It comes as no surprise that printer users value quality prints and low running cost. We also know that more users are environmentally conscious these days. It is our belief that the new printer line-up addresses the top concerns of both home and business printer users and can be a staple of the sustainable office of the future.”

projecting future innovation.

Epson has also debuted its newly launched home projectors, the EH-TW6250 and EH-LS800B. For 21 years and counting, Epson has dominated the world of projects, and its new line-up is poised to help elevate and enhance home entertainment.

The EpiqVision Ultra EH-LS800B Laser Projection TV spans up to 150 inches and promises to deliver an immersive viewing experience. With the projector positioned just 2.3cm away from the wall, users can enjoy an 80-inch screen size, making it the shortest ultra-short throw home projector on the market.

Meanwhile, the new EH-TW6250 Smart Gaming Projector is the most affordable projector to date in the 4K PRO-UHD entry range. It is designed to offer immersive big-screen entertainment, with a screen size of up to 500 inches.


The new EcoTank L3550 and L5590 are already on store shelves. The L8050, L18050 printers as well as EH-TW6250, and EH-LS800B projectors will soon be available, with stocks coming in after 9th March 2023.

For more information, visit Epson’s website here.

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