14 best vegetarian & vegan restaurants in Singapore. 

Thinking of going vegan or vegetarian in Singapore? We’re here to help you out! Check out these 14 best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Singapore, because eating clean can be just as tasty. 

Whether it’s starting a healthy diet or helping out the environment, there are plenty of reasons to go vegan or vegetarian. According to the Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change, shifting diets from meat and animal products to plant-based diets has a high potential for reducing the world’s carbon footprint and mitigating climate change. Not to mention improving human health! Going vegan or vegetarian has seen benefits to cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and more. 

If you’re ready to take that step into eating clean and green, but unsure of what’s in store for you though, no worries! Going vegan or vegetarian in Singapore can be much easier than you’d expect, especially since there are plenty of ways to enjoy your food despite your new dietary restrictions!

1. Lotus Vegetarian. 

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We’re kicking this list off with a big one: Lotus Vegetarian is known for its variety, quality, and taste. Opt for a Chinese vegetarian buffet featuring Japanese vegetarian sushi, or indulge in vegetarian versions of your favourite Malay and Peranakan dishes! Think Nasi Lemak or Laksa, and even Satay. 100% vegetarian with no alcohol, onion, or garlic. 

2. Komala Vilas.

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Food with history – Komala Vilas started in 1947, 10 years after founder Mr Murugiah Rajoo travelled from his native hometown in Tamil Nadu, India with just a suitcase and his passion. Now, his restaurant is listed as one of Singapore’s Heritage brands and serves vegetarian meals true to Tamil Nadu’s culinary tradition! Over the years, Komala Vilas’ menu has expanded to serve authentic dishes, snacks, and desserts from both South and North India. 

3. Sufood.

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Worried about all the nutrients you might be missing without meat and dairy? Check out Sufood, an eatery that focuses on creating nourishing meals without artificial flavourings or additives. Highlights include Zesty Oyster Stone Pot 5-Grain Rice, Wild Mushroom Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce, and even Maple Osthmanthus Flower Jelly! 

4. VeganBurg.

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This list would not be complete without VeganBurg Singapore, the safari-themed plant-based burger joint! Serving up egg and dairy free, hormone-free burgers, VeganBurg’s meals focus on nutrition, natural tastes, and environmental sustainability.

And let’s not forget: VeganBurg’s meals are also a testament to inclusivity! Not only are they plant-based and vegan, VeganBurg is both halal and kosher-friendly, since their food does not use alcohol and animal products. 

5. Saute-san.

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Saute-san is Singapore’s very first halal-certified Japanese and Korean inspired plant-based restaurant, so if you’re looking for somewhere inclusive for everyone, Saute San is the place to be! Non-halal options are also available with Saute-san’s sister restaurants, Flavours by Saute and Saute Sushi – both plant-based and vegetarian-friendly. 

6. The Boneless Kitchen. 

Photo by @thebonelesskitchen on Instagram

Craving for Korean food? Enjoy a Korean plant-based dining experience with The Boneless Kitchen! A social enterprise based on environmental consciousness and social responsibility, The Boneless Kitchen aims to make you crave meatless food. For meat-lovers, this might just be a tall order – but The Boneless Kitchen is set on making this happen with their fresh plant-based ingredients and wealth of tasty Korean recipes. From Soondubu Jigae to Kimbap and more, The Boneless Kitchen is definitely worth a shot if you’re planning to go vegan or vegetarian in Singapore. 

7. Ananda Bhavan. 

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Established in 1924, Ananda Bhavan is Singapore’s oldest Indian vegetarian restaurant – so you know they know what they’re doing! With dishes deeply rooted in Southern Indian cuisine, Ananda Bhavan can be found at the heart of Little India, Syed Alwi Road, Changi Business Park and opposite Sri Srinivasa Perumal temple. So if you’re interested in trying out Ananda Bhavan’s delicious Indian food, chances are, there’s an outlet not too far from where you are! 

8. Genesis Vegan. 

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Looking for something a little more affordable? Try Genesis Vegan! The pocket-friendly store serves pasta, noodle, and rice dishes along with vegan, plant-based meats, freshly baked wholemeal bread and desserts. And if you’re eating green to eat clean, Genesis Vegan’s blend of no-MSG and savoury ingredients brings out the best in each dish. They even control the levels of sugar, salt, and oil for every meal.

9. Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant.

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One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore, Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant serves North & South Indian food, Malay food, and more. Their dishes contain no onion, garlic, egg, msg and less oil, making it a diet-friendly alternative for anyone looking to have an inclusive spread! Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant’s customers often rave about their buffets – and it’s no wonder. Enjoy local favourites like briyani and nasi lemak, chilli chicken, and thosai, all in one place. 

10. The Good Burger SG.

Photo by @thegoodburgersg on Instagram

Driving change for a sustainable future, one burger at a time!

Perhaps not so much a restaurant, but definitely a noteworthy mention all the same. This vegetarian food truck serves plant-based burgers that taste like the same thing – only this time, they’re doing it with the planet in mind! They’re available for office visits, school visits, corporate events and private parties.

11. Herbivore Zen Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant. 

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With variety, meat-free options, and staff that remember your dietary preferences, Herbivore is a must-visit if you’re on the lookout for Singapore’s best vegetarian restaurant. Pick from Japanese delicacies like fish-free sushi and tempura, or delight in Western all-time favourites like pastas and burgers! No alcohol, eggs, or the five pungents (onions, garlic, green onions, chives and leeks) are used here, and vegan options are marked on the menu as well.


12. Real Food. 

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Catering to all, Real Food is Real Good with diet-friendly dishes! There’s something for everyone from the “earth-friendly vegan warriors” and “health-conscious nutrition experts” to endurance athletes and muscle fanatics. Their words! Indulge in clean, green, and tasty all-day menus, western delights like burgers and pastas, and Asian-spiced noodles at one of their 2 Singapore outlets for vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals. 

13. Whole Earth. 

Photo by Whole Earth on Facebook

Singapore’s first and only plant-based restaurant to be awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand, Whole Earth serves some of the best Peranakan and Thai vegetarian and vegan dishes. Made with fresh vegetables, legumes, mushrooms and grains, it’s no wonder this restaurant is often raved about! Head over and have a taste of innovative dishes like Elephant Toes (spoiler: they’re not actually made from elephants), seafood-inspired Wonders of The Sea, and familiar local dishes like Sambal Kang Kong – you won’t regret it.

14. Joie.

Photo by joierestaurant on Instagram

Gorgeous views, calm surroundings filled with greenery, and amazing food to boot – Joie (pronounced ‘joy’) is a contemporary chic vegan and vegetarian restaurant located on the rooftop garden of Orchard Central. Influenced by the new wave of natural eating in Europe and Taiwan, their menu specialises in modern meatless cuisine, from classics like Truffle Risotto to tasty vegetarian specials like the Lime Tofu Emulsion. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! When it comes to vegetarian and vegan options in Singapore, there are plenty. So remember to stay tuned to this page, we’ll be updating it as we discover more vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Singapore!

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