Peugeot E-Lion Day showcases brand’s future ambitions.

Peugeot’s E-Lion project is an ambitious plan aimed at the future that will introduce 5 new EVs over the next 2 years.

It still boggles the mind just how fast electric vehicle (EV) technology has improved over the years. 10 years ago, EVs were but an elusive dream, with good intentions but lacklustre practicality. Then brands like Tesla came along and effectively disrupted the internal combustion (ICE) market.

Fast-forward to today, and just about every car brand on the planet is trying to snatch up their portion of the EV pie. Tightening regulations and emission standards have also accelerated this growth, as governments sought to ban ICE vehicles by a particular predestined time.

Earlier this year, Peugeot launched its sharp and stout-looking Inception Concept, along with a bold statement that shares that the French company is committed to electrifying 100% of the lineup by 2025. Now, at their 2023 E-Lion Day which just concluded, Peugeot is reinstating their initial goals. You thought they would need more time to go electric? Turns out, one of their new goals is to have the entire Peugeot lineup be all-electric by the end of 2023. Wow.

E-Lion Day also showcased future models that are coming out soon, and the next few years look promising for Peugeot fans. The French automaker will be introducing five new EVs by 2025, which are the following:

  • E-308
  • E-308 SW
  • E-408
  • E-3008
  • E-5008

The E-3008, effectively just an electrification of the current ICE 3008, will be fully revealed later in 2023. Peugeot has teased us with some details thus far, including an estimated range of up to 700 km and a choice of three different electric powertrains, based on the STLA Medium platform. One of these powertrain configurations includes a dual-motor variant, which hints at the inclusion of all-wheel drive (AWD).

Details were not given out for other models, but you can expect them to look and include most of the trinkets from their current petrol counterparts. 

The most exciting vehicle (or vehicles) of the lot are the upcoming E-308 and E-308 SW. the SW badging denotes it as a “Station Wagon”, and both models will eventually debut with an all-new 156 bhp powertrain, and have an estimated range of around 400 km. All good stats so far for a small get-around city car.

Peugeot is well-known for making fun and quirky cars, so here’s hoping this new electrified lineup continues to embody that tradition.

Toyota is also debuting their new Prius this year. Take a sneak peek here!

Sean Loo

Ignition Labs' resident editor loves all things retro, even though he was born in the late 90s. His main job encompasses tons of driving (and a massive carbon footprint), but he swears he turns off the lights each time he leaves his room.

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