enjoy free samples with Try Leh’s new vending machines.

These vending machines provide the opportunity to sample a wide range of products and all you have to do is create an account. 

Have you ever wanted to try out this one item trending on Tiktok, but hesitated because it was too expensive? Perhaps you wanted to try out a skincare product, but were too afraid to commit to the full-sized product just in case your skin reacts badly. What if one of your 2023 resolutions was to be on a no-buy, and you simply cannot justify the purchase of an item you might not need?

So instead of paying the whole price for the full-sized item, resorting to samples might just be the perfect solution to your problems. The best part of it all is that it’s also free! This is where Try Leh comes in with their vending machines: offering samples from a wide variety of brands, especially for their users.

so, how does it work?

Try Leh implements the concept of tryvertising: a mixture between marketing, communication, advertising and product promotion. Its main draw is the ability to reach the end-users – consumers – directly, instead of going through traditional channels with celebrities and influencers. 

In the same vein, when consumers can engage with the product one-on-one, they are also able to give more direct and authentic feedback to the brand, allowing for the consumers’ perspectives to be shared regarding improvements to be made.

How Try Leh works is similar to how companies offer their food products in NTUC to curious onlookers, or the free bottles of shampoo and lotion given out at hotels, all done in the hopes of boosting sales. Trying out these products can allow for word-of-mouth to spread, especially if the item is of good quality. Previous samples up for grabs include Barbell protein bars, Eagle Brand Muscular Balm, Heinz Barbecue Beanz, and Farmers market Triple Delight Cat Food. 

Li Ling, Business Development Manager of Try Leh, elaborates: “Try Leh aims to work with the most user-conscious and generous brands in Singapore to help them reach the right consumers with a tangible sample that speaks to these brands’ quality itself.” 

Interested in the concept but hesitant to take the chance? Try Leh is also running a contest from 1st Dec 2022 to 28th Feb 2023 for brands to test the concept of tryvertising for their services and products. Stand a chance to win 1 of the 5 Tryvertising Packages worth $700 up for grabs – find out more details here.

how do we redeem our samples from the vending machines?

The process is fairly simple, thanks to the user-friendly interface of the kiosks and the way the system is set up. Again, all you have to do is create an account! After registering for one, users are rewarded with 2 “coins”, the credit which they can redeem their samples for. All samples cost exactly 1 coin. 

Users receive 2 coins weekly every Sunday as long as they continue being subscribed to the program to redeem more samples. Do take note, however, that these coins do expire and must be used within the week itself as they cannot be carried forward. Furthermore, samples can only be redeemed once per campaign – which usually lasts for a month – to prevent abuse of the system.

Furthermore, you‘re not required to type anything into the kiosk. All you have to do is select a sample and get a QR code via Whatsapp, scan it, and then you can receive your free sample. Talk about convenience! 

Luckily for us, stock availability for the samples will also be updated online so consumers are able to see whether the sample they want is in stock before going down. This circumvents any wasted trips down to redeem the samples!

Why not try it out for yourselves? These are where the vending machines are situated:

  1. AMK Hub–Level 4, outside Cathay Cinema
  2. East Point Mall–Level 1, in front of Mos Burger
  3. IMM–Level 1, outside Giant
  4. Thomson Plaza–Level 2, beside KFC
  5. PLQ – Level 4, beside Saizeriya

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